Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Israel, Haifa, a new Anarchist Discussion Group 15/06/04

This June 20th, at 19:00 - 27th Pevzner St. will host an opening session of a Haifa based Anarchist discussion group. The purpose of this group is twofold: First, we wish to expose ourselves to revolutionary Anarchist thought, study it and discuss it. Our scope will not be limited to some specific field, and the group will touch both upon classic and modern works, and according to the wishes of the group members, we may also deal with the Anarchist linkages of specific subjects (such as Ecology, Queer Theory, Man-Animal relations, Military and Police vs. Society, etc.) Additionally, we hope the activity of the group may lend some substance to the otherwise ephemeral existance of Anarchism in the Haifa area - turn it into something more than faint whispers sometimes carried on the air.

The intended membership is both people with some theoretic background in radical or Anarchist thought, both (or perhaps especially) those not in 'the thick of things', but consider Anarchism a current of though and a point of view which they wish to familiarize themselves with, or adopt. The only prerequisite is an open mind: the belief that the society in which we live can and should be changed, the wish to be exposed to information, and the willingness to contribute thought and attention; thus we may be able to hold dynamic and vibrant discourse, placing the question mark on all that which our daily lives present to us as obvious and necessary.

Those of you willing to participate - we would ask you to also give some thoughts to possible texts (articles, books, films) on these subjects which you would like to the group to share, or even such that you have not yet read, and whose reading you wish to make more of a group experience. We, of course, have some suggestions of our own...

The first session - an introduction and an acquaintance, towards a decision on a permanent schedule and specific texts and subjects for future discussion - will be held, as mentioned above, on Sunday the 20th of June, at 'The Melange': 27 Pevzner Street, Haifa, near the municipal theater hall. Our vision is of bi-weekly meetings of several hours each.

PS 1 - Circumstances demand that the discussion language be Hebrew (and some English); we are not able to parley in Arabic. We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope that those of you who are Palestinian may still find it possible to participate if you so wish.

PS 2 - You may find more information regarding the 'Pevzner 27' project at: http://www.haifa.is.dreaming.org/

PS 3 - For further details, please contact haifa_anarchists-A-yahoo.com or eyalroz-A-technion.ac.il

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