Monday, June 7, 2004

Palestine-Israel, Az Zawiya, the bulldozers have been working all night and they still are, the activists are there clashing. 07/06/04

Az Zawiya is just south of Mas’ha, where the wall was finished last year. The next phase in the Salfit district will create of cluster of villages around the three villages of Az Zawiya, Rafat and Deir Ballut. Their only entrance and exit will be the narrow road entrance under Highway 5 between the village of Mas'ha and Az Zawiya, easy to completely cut off.

These past few weeks, residents from other villages have been denied passage through the permanent checkpoint at Deir Ballut. Confiscation orders have been issued and villagers will lose access to over 100,000 dunams which lie between the Wall and the Green Line. A look at the map will show that there is no security basis for taking this land.

In a medical emergency, there would no easy access for Palestinians to the emergency hospital in Salfit. Students would be unable to get a higher education. There is no work and some families already rely on humanitarian aid to survive.

Around 64,000 people in Salfit will be severely affected by the Wall.
We need your help to bring the world’s attention to what is happening.
We must act before the wall is built!
We will need hundreds of volunteers to help the villages resist the destruction of their lands.

If you can spare a day or two and come to help us stop the bulldozers please send an email to or call 09 251 6644.

We need to know:

1. Your name
2. Telephone number and email address
3. What days of the week you can come
4. Whether you are willing to sleep in Az Zawiya on any of these days

Please circulate this call widely…your support is needed!
IWPS (International Women’s Peace Service)

Coalition of Women for Peace

Anarchists Against the Wall

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