Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Israel/Palestine: The Anarchosyndicalist Initiative 16/06/04

THE ANARCHO-SYNDICALIST INITIAVE IN ISRAEL/PALESTINE A las Barricadas! Por el triunfo de la Confederacion! Dear Comrades, In a meeting of the comrades of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative in Israel/Palestine, we decided to carry forward the project of building genuine revolutionary syndicalist organization of the working class. We decided to ask for affiliation to the IWA and to be in the status of Friends of the International Workers Association. We are intending to introduce in the next month our Manifesto.

The recent years have been terribly bad to the Israeli and Palestinian workers. No political organization or party offers any kind of way forward; all of them are serving the ruling capitalist elites - all of them are nothing but loyal servants of the workers' enemies. The state-owned trade unions in Israel and the corrupted trade unions in the Palestinian Authority have nothing to propose but compromises with the big capital, alliances with some "progressive" bourgeois elements and rude betrayal. The revolutionary anarcho-syndicalist program of the ASI asks for multinational workers' unity, joint struggle of toilers in this country and the region, against the Zionist movement headed by the local capitalists, the Arab reaction headed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO] and the Islamists and the collaborative regimes headed by the loyal puppets of the US imperialism.

As anarcho-syndicalists, we are standing for a society based on free confederation of revolutionary syndicates and general congress of labor, for a free and equal society led by the laboring masses of the Middle East and the world. We are admiring our friends in countries like the United States, France, Britain, Spain, Germany and other countries, who are doing courageous and great work against the ruling classes and their agents, and for genuine syndicalist revolution.

We would like to thank Braden Cannon from the IWW for his support, Mitch from the Workers Solidarity Alliance, Thomas from the CNT-AIT, Ullus from the FAU in Berlin and other comrades and friends.

Revolutionary Syndicalist Greetings

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