Friday, February 4, 2005

Israel, Jerusalem, demo to protest the prosecution of Matan Cohen. Feb 4

Demo at Jerusalem courthouse in the Russian compound - Sunday Feb 6 11:30 am. 16 year old Matan Cohen was arrested at a demonstration in Khallet Al-Dar near Hebron, on Tuesday and is charged with assaulting a police office with aggravating circumstance. See: where Cohen can be seen pinned down by several officers.
The charges as baseless, as even the commander of the police station where Cohen was held over night agrees.
Nevertheless, in an unprecedented move the prosecution is demanding that he be held in cutody until the end of the trial ! Just the fact that the prosecution even asks for such conditions to be placed on a 16 year old is a severe escalation of political persecution of lefties not seen since Tali Fahima. Cohen is currently under house arrest until Sunday when a hearing will be held on the extension of his arrest. Please come and support Matan this Sunday Feb 6 at 11:30 at the Jerusalem court house at the Russian compound. A demonstration will be held outside the courthouse, we should show a large presence this time to deter further persecution. Any one of us can be next.
In the demonstration in Khallet Al-Dar participated 300 Palestinians, and some Internationals and Israelis summoned by the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative.
See: (en) Palestine-Israel, Palestinians injured, Israeli and international activists detained in Hebron after nonviolent demonstration - International Solidarity Movement Wed Feb 02 08:15:39 GMT 2005 (en) Palestain-Israel, Hebron district February 1 - another take on the demo - Report - "I Got My Ass Kicked by the Israeli Army" Worker - Wed Feb 02 21:38:29 GMT 2005

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