Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Palestine-Israel, The struggle against the fence/wall enhanced by the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall, continue Feb 22

The naZionists project of annexing more lands confiscated from the palestinians continue. The building of the "security" fence/wall is the main tool for this project. As there are lot of international presures on Israel, intensified by media focus on local resistance Israel compromise a bit. They already consented to get down from the 15% of the previous compromise to around 6.5%... And the struggle continue last three dais focussed on the Bil'in village. And the Israeli supreme court of "justice" pretend to restrain the Israeli state as adversary. And electronic media nana.co.il reports today that the supreme court issued a stay on the works of the fence near Bil'in following the demonstrations.

The demonstration of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals continued today along the work sites in the region.

To read more about the two years involvement of the israeli anarchists in this struggle, and their unique contribution to the enhancement of it: Do guggle search on "Anarchists Against The Wall" + "ainfos"

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