Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Safa 22/02/2005 - The daily struggle continue Feb 23

Media: "Two border policeman were injured during the demonstrations of the anarchist* activists and leftist activists near the village Safa not far from Modi'in heights [settlement - Tr.]. It was reported that 20 demonstrators were hurt from inhaling smoke and other three from rubber [coated metal] bullets. Three adults who were injured were taken to hospital for medical treatment. The demonstrators protest the separation fence".

We continued to the near by village Safa arriving there at 9:00.
Safa have 4000 inhabitants, nice view with green vegetation all around and plenty of olive trees. The route of the fence at this region annex to Israel 90% of the lands of the village. The destruction is revealed... in front of our eyes the bulldozers work in full speed and uprooting tens of trees - while few tens villagers stand and see to their distress the continuing destruction.

A band of soldiers of the border police advanced towards us with an officer named Oren Tibi at their head who appeared to be very aggressive. He yelled on the demonstrators to go away but with out waiting for response started to throw shock grenades.

The demonstrators climbed on a near by hill with view on the working bulldozers... Youth from the village approached the site and as a response the border police applied again the "demonstration dispersing means" - teargas grenades, shock grenades batons, and rubber coated bullets. The efforts to remind the soldiers the talks between Sharon and Abu Mazan, and the cease fire found deaf ears.

The village elders tried to talk to the soldiers and convince them to stop the works as they have already apply to the supreme court - but failed. The uprooting of the trees continued and so the demonstration.

The demonstration continued some times quieter, some times a wave of violence of the soldiers using the same means, with out caring for the female demonstrators whom they push violently. At that stage it was impossible to convince the youngsters to refrain from stones throwing - resulting with easy finger of the soldiers on the trigger and the results: 26 injured, 6 of whom were taken to the hospital in Ramala.

At the evening, the supreme court decided to expand the temporary stay to include the works on the lands of Safa.

To the villagers their trees were uprooted that day it was too late. Pictures and the Hebrew original at:
* Though not too many, the people of The Anarchists Against The Wall initiative are involved in the nearly daily struggle of the palestinian villagers against the fence. Usually, international activists join too and often other Israeli activists join too.

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