Friday, January 6, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in-Abud, The joint struggle against the separaetion fence and occupation 6-1-06

The Israeli media reported all the week about the illegal confiscation of the lands of Bil'in for the settler town Modi'in Ilit. One day the construction of housed on it were even stopped by authority.
The Israeli occupation "civil authority" which was supposed to decide on Thursday to destroy the Bil'in center for joint struggle for peace on a piece of land of Bil'in West side of the separation fence was postponed for another two weeks. They seem to decide not to do that before the Israeli highest court of "justice" about the use of the fence to annex Bil'in lands to Israel and the settler town Modi'in Illit.
The Friday demo of Bil'in was supposed to march from the center of the village to the center for joint struggle for peace on the other side of the separation fence. At noon, we started marching - few hundreds people, Palestinians from Bil'in and others, about 45 Israelis from the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative and others, and about 25 Internationals.
When we arrived near the route of the separation fence the Israeli armed forces blocked our way to the Bil'in center for joint struggle for peace. They pushed violently any one who try to advance and got into confrontation with plenty of tear gas grenades with the village youth who responded to the blocking of the way with stones.

After about an hour or so the demonstration was declared finished and we returned to the village before returning home.

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