Friday, January 27, 2006

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation - 27-1-06

The weekend activity of the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall started - as usual, at Thursday evening. About ten of us made our way to the Bil'in Center For Joint Struggle For peace - built on part of the village land which is on the West side of the separation fence, and to the village itself. (The struggle involving the structure of the center and the illegal construction of a new neighborhood of the settler town Modi'in Illit on the lands of Bil'in, obstructed the management of robing the lands. Because of the PR pressures the "civilian management" of the occupied territories even refrained for a while from issuing the demolition order for the structure of the center built at six hours of a rainy day when the state forces were not on guard. Because of our pressures, they even opened the road from the village to the center, they blocked about a week ago.)

On Friday the wave of harassment of the state forces applied to the Israelis activists on the way to Bil'in, started as usual. However, as it seems lately their efforts are not real serious and all Israelis arrive in time for the demonstration. It seems they just want to make it a bit hard for us to arrive but not blocking the way. They use less than 5% of the powers they put to work when they were really serious about it.

At noon, after the Friday prayer at the mosque, we started the usual march on the road leading towards the route of separation fence - about 80 Palestinians, 40 internationals, and 40 Israelis (just 10% of the previous Friday demo 400 that resulted from a general mobilization of the Israeli coalition against the fence). When we got near to the built section of the fence, we deviated from the road and rushed through the olive orchard towards a section of the fence in building and overcome the thin line of state forces and crossed to the olive orchard on the other side of the route of the fence. In previous cases we usually encountered a stronger opposition of the state forces and harsher retaliation against us - which was surprisingly absent this week.

They were not entirely passive though. After about a 20 minutes in which a group of 20 demonstrators climbed a hill an d shouted lot of slogans against the fence and insulting the state forces, a small contingent of state force driven them away from the hill and even detained four of our people... but they did not guard them and after a while, they just return to the group... and climbed another high point and continue shouting for a while. This time the state forces sent after them failed to stop them till they got down on their own as we finished our demo.

After the two hours of relatively quite demonstration we departed and started the way back to the village - leaving the state forces to do their ritual confrontation of tear gas and rubber coated bullets against the stone thrower youngsters who do it every Friday in the olive orchards adjacent to the non violence demonstration. Even this attrition war seemed to be toned down in comparison to previous Fridays

It will be a real boring if the state forces will not interfere with our Friday travel and demos and only guard that we will not destroy the fence.

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