Saturday, January 14, 2006

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of Bil'in change level 14 Jan 2006

The joint nonviolent struggle of the popular comity of the Bil'in village and the Israeli Anarchists Against The wall against the separation fence and occupation continue for more than 10 months. Our persistent weekly and some times daily struggle was integrating with shifting change in the Israeli power struggle and in addition to the media even the Israeli high court of "justice" seems to "favor" Bil'in. There are qualitative additions to the unexpected "leniency" the state treat the weekly Friday demonstrations in Bil'in, the less efforts to block Israelis from coming, the so called permit they say they give the demonstrations (though we did not asked for ones) after the change in high level policy just 10 weeks ago, less and less detentions of "wild" demonstrators. More and more cases of commanders restraining too belligerent soldiers and border police. The refraining from destroying the structure of the center for joint struggle for peace... And lately, the high court deciding on temporary stop of the building and population of the settler town on part of the robbed lands of the Bil'in villagers using the separation fence.

The weekend activity started early. On Thursday evening few of us already came from Israel to the center for joint struggle on the west side of the fence - now with free traffic of people to and from the village (just not at the Friday demo hours) and cars mainly after dark.... They even let us add a structure that enable us to sit around the fire in the rainy and windy days. We had there a friendly circle for few hours till some of us stayed for the night and the rest went to the village.

In the morning, after a coffee around the roofed fire few remained to keep the presence at the center and the rest went to the village till the Friday demo. During the morning the number of Israelis increased to 30 in spite the rain and the arrest the day before of two coordinators who did a direct action at the computing start up company Matrix which opened a section in the settler town Modi'in Illit built on robbed Palestinian land of Bil'in and other neighboring villages.

In the demo that started at noon as usual we marched from the center of village to the route of the separation fence. The clouds played our way and only very few drops came down during the demo - the umbrellas and rain clothes were mainly redundant. The peaceful mode of the last weeks resulted in the joining of young children to the 60 or so male adults of the village - 20% of the male adults of the village. About 20 internationals joined us too.

When we arrived to the fence route we made a maneuver that enabled us to reach about 10 meters from the route they usually prevent us. Some even got through the olive orchards and even banged for a while on the fence.

The state forces used only tear gas on the youngsters in the orchards who reverted to stones after the conflict with the state forces got heated. However, Even in this confrontation the state forces refrained from shooting rubber bullet and did the best to minimize the conflict.

Us, the ones who stayed on the road, got lot of threats, but they only once pushed us for a while few metes back. They also detained for an hour one of the village popular comity for the nonviolence struggle against the fence but released him at the end of the demo.
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