Friday, June 9, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The joint struggle continue - Friday, 9-6-06 demo

It was not a few weeks period without the traditional Friday demonstration of the village comity against the separation fence and occupation, together with the Israeli Anarchists against the wall.... It was just weeks with no proper reports - sorry --- Ilan S.
This Friday, as in last few weeks, the demo was not a big one. At noon, about 70 people started the march from the center of the village to the route of the fence - about 30 Israelis, few internationals, media workers and about 30 of the village activists. It was mostly quiet for a while. the village had a ceremony commemorating journalists who were killed and then handed out certificates of recognition to journalists who were injured in Bil'in.

"At some point (i believe it was after a stone or two were thrown) the army attacked us and we were dispersed. the usual scenario followed for about half an hour..... Later 3 jeeps drove into the village and 20 soldiers on foot came with them. Live fire was used." K.

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