Friday, June 16, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the joint struggle against occupation and the separation fence continue 16-06-06

The theme of this Friday demonstration was the massacre at the Gaza sea shore where the 7 members of the Ralia family murdered by the Israeli artillery fire. The demonstrators carried 7 open coffins to symbolize them. The demonstration that started at noon with a march from the center of the village on the road to the separation fence participated about 150 - about 100 of Bil'in, 10 Palestinians from other places, 15 internationals, and 40 Israelis who joined the delegation of the Anarchists Against The Wall.

Chanting the usual calls and songs the demonstration arrived at the gate to the route of the separation fence and the other side of the fence, which was blocked as usual last months with armored cars mounted by Israeli forces, and spools of barbed wire.

The demonstration continued there with verbal confrontation mainly for about twenty minutes till the village comity declared finished (before restless youngsters will start there the stones throwing and army respond in harsh disproportional retaliation. However, just as the demonstration was declared ended a stone or two were thrown serving as an excuse to the Israeli forces to start a barrage of shock grenades and even shooting of rubber coated bullets.

This was the sign for the usual full confrontation between the youngsters and the Israeli state forces.

The other nonviolent participants who could not return safely to the village remain in the vicinity. Some marched for a while along the route of the fence. Later the people assembled under a near by tree and speeches were given by few participants.

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