Friday, June 23, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the joint struggle against the occupation and the separation fence continue - Friday 23-06-06

The creative theme of this Friday demonstration was the Mondial. A huge imitation for foot ball, flags of participating countries, and shirts of famous players were seen among the marchers. The traditional (for the last 17 months) Friday march started at noon from center of village on the road towards the route of the separation fence. Participated in it about hundred marchers: among them about 25 of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative, fifteen internationals, and few Palestinians and media people from out of the village. Along the march people shout the usual slogans. So did they do when we we arrived at the gate to the route of the separation fence and the way to the other side of it that was blocked with armored cars of the border police. Besides the verbal confrontation with the border police people played with the huge ball.

At a certain point, a certificate of honor was given to this report writer from the village comity for the struggle against the fence, for persistent participation nearly every Friday in spite old age and health problem lately.

Along the confrontation with the state forces a palestinian comrade holding a branch of olive tree succeeded to pass the road block and entered the route of the fence. Seven border police soldiers jumped on him and hand cuffed him in one of their cars.

A stone thrown towards the state forces after an hour of the demonstration was a sign for the non violent demonstrators to leave the area near the blocked gate. Soon these not supporting the nonviolent mode started to throw stones on the state forces, who responded, after a short time, with a volley of shock grenades.

Many of the nonviolent demonstrators (mainly Israelis and internationals) stayed around to tone down the violence of the state force who threw from time to time shock grenades and even tear gas.

After an additional hour the rest of the demonstrators dispersed, and the state forces released the holder of the olive tree branch previously arrested.

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