Sunday, June 29, 2008

Palestine-Israel, Another week of struggle for a better world

Israeli anarchists are mainly active within the AAtW initiative but not only that. One on going project is the Tel Aviv infoshop "Solon Mazal" that moved lately to a new location. This week, comrades participated in another round of high-school refusenics that collect momentum and in Friday, in one of the solidarity vigils - at the Austrian embassy this time in parallel to the international action in solidarity with Animal Rights activists held in jail.
In Friday we participated in the usual Um Salmuna and Bil'in demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation and in Ni'ilin too in addition to the three demonstrations there in the week days.

In Um Salmuna on of the AAtW people was harassed from behind his back while detained and hand cuffed - released, treated in hospital and discharged.

In Bil'in we had a relatively big demonstration - including a sizable delegation from US. Excerpt from a report of member of the popular comity of the village:

"About 100 Palestinians, Israeli activists, and internationals gathered today after Friday prayers to protest the wall. As the delegation advanced, Israeli soldiers barraged the crowd and percussion grenades. Ten protesters were treated for gas inhalation."

Friday's 20-06-08 video at

In Ni'ilin we had a lively week. On two of the work days demonstration - Tuesday and Thursday, we succeeded to outsmart the state forces and arrived in numbers at the location the heavy machines were cutting the route for the separation fence. In both cases, the drivers of the equipment retreated and the works stopped for about an hour till we were pushed far enough towards the village.

Video of 24.6.08 Na'alin demo at Http://

Friday where there is no work on the route, we did an evening noise demonstration on the hill confronting the settler colonialist Hashmonaim (located on lands of Ni'ilin robbed after the 1967 war that are on the other side of the settlements sewage stream separating it from the lands of Ni'ilin not yet robbed). After nearly an hour, convoy of Israeli state forces crossed the sewage stream and dispersed the noisy demonstrators with barrages of tear gas canisters.

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