Saturday, June 14, 2008

Palestine-Israel, Um Salmuna, Ni'ilin, Bil'in - the joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation continue

Just a report on the ongoing struggle the anarchists against the wall are involved with - main locations.

During this week, we participated in 4 demonstrations against the building of the separation fence at Ni'ilin. Two of them were direct actions against the construction process during work hours. Two others were late evening "noise demonstration" directed to the Hasmonaim colonial settlement the new fence is in the service of their grabbing more of Ni'ilin's remaining lands. Friday demonstrations were also in Um Salmuna and Bil'in (the 172nd). In the Bil'in demonstration the state force escalated their repression and used live ammunition: "Ibrahim, (age 26) was shot with live ammo in the thigh during the demo, and was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition due to massive blood loss. The bullets, apparently 3, who pierced through his leg ripped an artery, a vein and cause some yet uncertain nerve damage.

After being operated on for about three or four hours, Ibrahim was moved back into the intensive care unit at Sheikh Zeid hospital. It is still uncertain if he will be able to walk on the leg again.

A video clip of that demonstration: that robe another part of the remaining lands.


This Friday evening demonstration in Ni'ilin was more successful than the previous noisy ones. First, the Israeli state forces refrained from crossing the sewage stream separating the settlement hill and the Ni'ilin hill.
The long noisy demonstration included the flying of two kites - one of them with the colors of the Palestinian flag. The wind was on our side and with the long rope the kite was hovering beyond the route of the separation fence and the fences of the settlement, above the Hasmonaim colonialist settlement for about an hour.

The frustrated Israeli soldiers shoot from time to time empty shells imitating the sound of live ammunition - which failed to frighten any one of us.

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