Saturday, June 21, 2008

Palestine-Israel, Joint actions against the separation fence and occupation the AAtW* were involved with.

In addition to contacts with activists and Palestinians both within and out of Israel, we participated as usual in the Friday demonstrations in Bil'in (the 174th) and in the south of Bethlehem (Um Salmuna). And of course in Ni'ilin during the week. On Monday they pushed us roughly and shoot tear gas grenades and rubber coated bullets... (see video bellow) but Thursday, because of the fresh Gaza "Ta'hadia" agreement (armistice) In spite of the refusal of demonstrators to disperse following the threats and few noise grenades, nothing was really done to us in addition to threats. Even the kids who threw stones near by only got a small team of soldiers who made them to do it from a distance using tear gas mainly.

Monday 16.6.08 at Ni'ilin at

In Bil'in, the state force tested on us again new weapons - noise machine and the automatic tear gas grenade thrower.
video of 20.6.2008 Bil'in demo at

Following an excerpt of report of member of the village popular comity:

"This week as part of Bilin's ongoing weekly resistance, the villagers and their international supporters organized a protest against the Apartheid Wall. The protesters carried signs and banners denouncing the use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters. They also raised pictures of some of the villagers who had been wounded by Israeli Forces while participating in the protests. Below the pictures of the victims was written "Despite the hatred of your bullets, we will uproot your wall". Israeli Troops responded by showering the protest with tear gas and flash bombs and dozens were treated for tear gas inhalation."

* The Israeli anarchists against the wall initiative

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