Saturday, January 10, 2009

Israel-Palestine, AAtW activists continue participating in the joint struggle in spite increase in state suppression.

Escalation of our activity challenged the "supper democracy" for Israeli Jews. During the week we were in solidarity with comrades: "the police are going to ask for the extension of the 18 arrests [the previous Friday at the military air port] until the end of the proceedings" (But the judge refused). Comrades participated in demonstrations against the war in gaze: Jafa Monday & Saturday, Haifa Tuesday, Tel Aviv Wednesday-Thursday, Baka Al Garbiah Friday. Wednesday, a comrade arrested during the day accused of EdBusting in Tel Aviv. We did not have enough resources to join our partners in Ni'lin (Wednesday kids demo) and Bil'in (Thursday women demonstration). Friday we participated as usual in the Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um Salmuna and Jayyous demos against the separation fence. During the week, radio and TV programs discussed our treacherous activities in time of war.

9-1-09 M., Comrade abroad was interviewed on Canada's nation TV today after takeover of Israeli consulate in Montreal*

Mass demonsration in Baka el Garbia 9-1-09 - video

Excerpt from report of member of the village comity:
"Bil'in demonstrators remind the world of the Holocaust and its promise

Four injured and five arrested [including two Israelis] in the weekly protest in Bil’in

Friday January 9th

The residents of Bil'in gathered in a protest today after the Friday prayer. The protest was joined by Israel and international activists standing in solidarity with Palestinians and opposing the war on Gaza, Israeli settlement building and the construction of the wall. Protesters carried Palestinian flags and the Venezuelan flag, in appreciation of Venezuela’s removal the Israeli ambassador from his post.

The protesters wore clothes similar to those worn by Jews in the fascist concentration camps during the Second World War. Protectors also wore small yellow cut-outs in the shape of Gaza with the word “Gazan” written on them to symbolize the yellow “Jude” stars of David worn by European Jews during World War II. This angry message was to remind the world of the Nazi Holocaust and of the promise made by the international community to never allow another Holocaust to happen, while this promise is being broken by the same people whose ancestors were victims of the Holocaust."

Following is excerpt from the liberal daily Haaretz Editorial:

'In the last few days, the Shin Bet security service questioned dozens of Arab Israelis, while others were subjected to warnings aimed at deterring them from participating in demonstrations against the Israel Defense Forces operation in the Gaza Strip. Those taking part in demonstrations in Jaffa, Sakhnin and Shfaram were brought in for "clarification talks" even in cases when the demonstrations had been authorized.

The Shin Bet approved the questioning and explained that, "In recent days a number of violent incidents, with nationalist character, have taken place in Israel. These incidents included arson, stone-throwing and firebombs. As a result of these incidents, arrests were made."

In parallel, charges were brought in the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court against left-wing activists who blocked the entrance to the Sde Dov airbase on Friday, in protest of Operation Cast Lead. The activists were charged with unlawful entry into a military area, participation in a forbidden gathering and interfering with a police officer as he tried to carry out his duty. The judge rejected the prosecution's request to keep the defendants in custody until the end of the legal proceedings, something normally done when the court believes that releasing the suspects poses a threat to the public....."

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