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Israel-Palestine, The struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall participated in this week.

During the week activists participated daily in demonstrations and vigils against the war in Gaza all over the state. Included were the daily early morning vigils near the military airport of Tel Aviv. We distributed thousands of photographs of Gazan children in main cities. We joined children and women demonstrations in Bil'in and Ni'ilin. Another vigil was at the entrance of the army recruiting center the day another comrade was resisting service. and of course the regular Friday demonstrations against the separation fence (and the war in Gaza) at Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Jayyous, and Um Salmuna. The state forces continue with the new measure of shooting live ammunition of 0.22 (Inch) in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Jayyous. Saturday evening we participated in a red and black block at the big weekly demonstration of the coalition against the war in Gaza.

The call for Wednesday demonstration at the recruiting center

Supporting Israeli conscientious objectors Maya Yechieli-Wind and Raz Bar David-Veron

Maya Yekhieli-Wind, one of the signers of the shministim letter will arrive this coming Wednesday to the army base of Tel Hashomer and declare her refusal to serve in an occupying army, an army that has been bombarding and killing dozens of people a day for the last two weeks.

Maya will be joined by CO Raz Bar David-Veron who is expected to be sentenced for the fifth time for her refusal to serve in an occupying army.

Now more than ever we must show that there are Israelis that refuse to take part in the atrocities that are done in our name.

On Wednesday (14/1) at 9 AM at Tel Hashomer army base, we will join Maya and Raz in support of their just refusal.

Two activities on Wednesday - link to video
Protest against the war in Gaza next to Sde dov airport
support Maya and Raz of their refusal


Hi, The popular committee in Ni'ilin and the village's women's club had called for a women's demonstration against the massacre in Gaza and against the wall. Israeli and international women are called to join. If you can make it, please call R. at 054xxxxxxx


Excerpt of a report of comrade from Bil'in:

Three injured and dozens suffered teargas inhalation during the Bil'in Weekly Demonstration
The residents of Bil'in demonstrated against the Israeli's rejection of the international efforts for ceasefire. Friday 16\1\2009

The residents of Bil'in today gathered after the Friday prayer in an act of solidarity with the people of Gaza. They were joined by international activists and the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall, all opposing the war on Gaza. The protesters carried Palestinian, Venezuelan, and Bolivian flags, in a show of support for the two South American countries who, this week, cut diplomatic ties with Israel due to the war on Gaza.

The demonstration was symbolically silent, as the protesters wore the UN, EU, and the Arab League flags on their chests and carried shoes bearing Israeli and American flags in their mouths, to symbolize the power the two countries have to gag that rest of the world. Other demonstrators wearing the three flags covered their mouths with tape to show the world's silence presented by the UN, EU and the Arab League against the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

The killing in Gaza continues endlessly. Almost a thousand have been killed, a forth of them children. Thousands have been injured, tens of thousands of refugees seek shelter from air-strikes and tanks, and hospitals collapse under the burden. The siege goes on, and so do the war crimes.

Civilians in the south of Israel are being held captive by a government which lies to them and abuses them. Destruction and death in Gaza will not ensure their future, but rather lead to more violence and killings.

Friday demo in Arara el nakab - link to video


Call for the Saturday demonstration:

Join us in protest this coming Saturday, 17.1.2009, in Tel Aviv - Jaffa. Together we will call out:

Stop the Killing! No to the Siege! Stop War Crimes!
Yes to life for both peoples!

In these dark days, let us stick to our message:

Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies!

Our demand: A full truce and the lifting of the siege on Gaza NOW!

We meet on Saturday, at the Charles Clore park, at 18:30. From there, we'll march to Gan Hashnaim on Yeffet St. in Jaffa, and stand in memory of all those killed in this war.

Let's get organized for Pink-Black Block on the upcoming Saturday demo in Jaffa .

So Pull out your best Hoodies and let's gather up to make some revolutionary noise !!


Our drumming circle did make the expected noise.

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