Saturday, January 24, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle will not end in the near future - Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Jayyous not lettered by state harassment.

During the week we had less activities than during the war week. Wednesday was another demo in the Ni'ilin chain of struggle. State force teams chased demonstrators and stone throwing youngsters up to the center of the village firing lot of tear gas canisters and bullets (rubbed and not rubbed with rubber). Friday were the usual demonstrations against the separation fence in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Jayyous. Their new policy included also shooting live ammunition of 0.22 inch towards legs of demonstrations. In Bil'in one of the AAtW activists responded to direct shooting of tear gas canister to the head of a villager youth near him, with a scandal to the state force. The high commander threated him with arrest but as he insisted, the soldiers retreated - afraid from formal investigation of violation of regulations. Saturday, we had a refusnic action and vigil in Jafa.


Invitation for the activity: "We invite you to a vigil of solidarity with conscientious refuseniks Raz Bar-David-Varon and Maya Yehieli-Wind, signatories to the Shministim (highschool seniors) refusal letter of 2008, both imprisoned for their refusal to serve in the army of occupation (update by New Profile about recent refusals - below, and please read Maya's letter)".
The vigil took place on Saturday 24/1 at 13:00 near the walls of prison 400 in Tzrifin.


At noon, we joined other radical activists in a vigil with the theme of war crimes in the just finished Gaza war.


Mass demonstration against the Gaza war - Tel Aviv-Jaffa - 17-1-2009 - link to video:

Friday Bil'in demonstration 16/1/09 at

Ni'ilin Wednesday demonstration 21-1-2009 - link to video

Ja'ayus Friday demonstration 23-1-2009 - link to video

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