Sunday, February 22, 2009

Palestine-Israel, 4 years anniversary of the continued joint struggle in Bil'in

In addition to the preparation for the 4 years anniversary of the Friday demonstration in Bil'in, AAtW activists "visited" Ni'ilin on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. On Friday more than a hundred Israelis of the coalition against the separation fence came with the anarchists against the wall initiative, and joined international activists and hundreds Palestinians from the village and other regions (including a delegation from Ni'ilin). The march from the center of the village to the route of the separation fence was lively. However, when we tried to enter the route of the separation fence the Israeli state force showered us with tear gas. We retreated for awhile and tried again and again. At last, we succeeded to enter the route and persisted there for about half an hour before retreating.

Jaayus 13-2-09 - video by ISMPalestine

Bil'in invaded - video link

Bil'in friday 20.2.09 video at

Ni'lin invaded and olive trees uprooted by the Israeli Army

Army Uproots Trees in Ni'ilin, 16/2/09 - 7 Injured in Clashes


Following are links to detailed reports on the Friday and Saturday actions, in the web site of the Anarchists Against the Wall

Protest and Resistance in Bil’in and Ni’ilin 20/02/2009

Activists Demonstrate Outside Jalameh Detention Center 21/02/2009

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