Sunday, February 8, 2009

Palestine-Israel, 73 years, 60 years, 40 years... and 4 years of joint actions in Bil'in, and the struggle continue

It is about 73 years since the first Palestinian uprising of 1936-9 against the plot to allocate the two sides of the Jordan for the Zionist project. It is already 60 years since 75% of the Palestinian lands west of the Jordan were "allocated" to the Israeli state. It is around 41 years after the 1967 war in which Israel conquered the remaining 25% of Palestine... but the tide seems to change. On the end of the fourth year of the joined struggle in Bil'in against the separation fence - which was supposed to ensure the robbery of at least half of the 25% taken in 1967, it seems the Israelian Zionists start to accept that they will never take all Palestine for themselves. ... And the joint struggle in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna continue.


Bil'in Friday 6.2.09 demonstration video at

During the Friday demonstration the state forces remained on the other side of the route of the separation fence... just showered us with tear gas. However, after the demonstrators retreated to the village, military armored cars entered the outskirts of the village in a show of force.

Excerpt of report of member of Bil'in village popular comity:

" the army fired tear gas canisters to disturb the crowd, causing dozens to suffer gas inhalation and two were injured. The two Adib Aburahma and Abdullah Aburahma.

The Israeli army has been raiding the village at night almost on a daily basis. There have been clashes between the army and residents of the village. Some residents have been kidnapped. These Israeli actions are collective punishment which aims to create fear among people and get them to stop resisting the occupation. The popular Committee against the wall is still encouraging people to continue resisting the wall and the occupation despite these threats.

For more information:
Abdallah Abu Rahmah- Bil’in Popular Committee.
e-mail – lumalayan@yahoo. com"


The Friday demonstrations in Um Salmuna are relatively very quite. The participants are few tens of activists from the village and the region, internationals, and contingent of the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall. Usually, they march from the village till they arrive at the entrance from the high way. There they encounter a spool of barbed wire the Israeli state force put in advance to prevent their approach to the high way and stop.

The most belligerent action happen when children play with the barbed wire and the soldiers shout on them to stop. A new officer arrived this Friday and anounced that as punishment to for the touching of the barbed wire, the next week it will be posited 200 meter into the village. After that, each time the barbed wire spool will be touched, it will be moved the next week another 200 meters towards the center of the village. A border gendarme officer joined this and said: "I could not care less if each of you will demonstrate at your houses."

The state forces tried but failed to detain a member of the village popular comity and a member of the AAtW contingent, but their commander warned that in the future more serious arrests will be carried.

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