Monday, February 16, 2009

Palestine-Israel, The war is "over" and the joint struggle of the AAtW with the Palestinian partners continue

The war is over... but not for the victims in Gaza. Also not over for the people arrested in Israel (mostly Palestinian citizens) who are on bail, waiting for the call to appear in courts for bogus accusations. Fund rising all over the world is done for the covering of lawyers fees and bails for the Anarchists Against the Wall activists and our Palestinian partners in the joint demonstrations and actions. Friday we participated as usual in the demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation in Ni'ilin, Jaayus, Bil'in, and Um Salmuna. Ni'ilin - 13-2-09 - link to video
Friday 13.2.09 Bil'in video at


"Yesterday [Friday] Ben got arrested yesterday in Jaayus. It was a bit before the demonstration, when the army was invading a house in the village.

As far as I know they are accusing him of assault.

He will be brought to trial today (Saturday), probably in the evening."

Saturday late afternoon, comrades of the AAtW went after a group meeting in a solidarity mission to the court where he appeared before a judge. In spite of police prosecutor demands, he was released, as usual, on bail after one day in prison.


"...The popular committee is inviting all Palestinians and solidarity groups to join a central protest next Friday Feb. 20th marking the fourth anniversary of Bil’in’s popular resistance against the Wall and settlement building."

Mass demonstration to mark 4 years of joint popular struggle in Bilin Next Friday, Feb 20.

The village of Bilin has long ago become a worldwide symbol of popular struggle against occupation, land theft and racial segregation. Next Friday Feb 20 it will mark four years of continuous popular struggle.

For four years the people of Bilin have been courageously resisting the expansion of settlements on their lands. They refuse to surrender in spite of violent repression which resulted in hundreds of injuries and arrests.

For four years we have been together in Bilin. Palestinians Israelis and internationals. Together we say no to Apartheid, No to occupation and no to the wall.

Next Friday we will demonstrate in Bilin against the wall and for a common future. We hope that many of the thousands of Israelis who took part in the struggle will attend.

Please save the date Feb 20

Details about transportation from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will follow.

The Coalition against the Wall

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