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Palestine-Israel, In defiance of the settler colonialists escalation the joint struggle expand.

In defiance of the expanding and intensifying international pressure, and what seems to be a desperate efforts the settler colonialists steps are mounting. The joint struggle to which the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity coalition "Just Jerusalem" solidify and expand to more and more location of struggle within 1948 Israeli borders. The more radicals who join the direct actions, including with those the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative lead Israelis to seems to increase too: Bil'in, Beit Jalla, Beit Ummar, Al Khalil - Hebron, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'lin, south of Hebron mountains, Wad Rahhal, Walaje


About 30 Israelis and 15 internationals joined the Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in against the fence and occupation that steals the locals' lands and liberty. The demonstrators marched to the gate, opened it, engaged in a brief verbal exchange with the soldiers, were confronted with an arbitrary and unauthorized closed military zone declaration, and gassed away - all in a space of just a couple of minutes. Most demonstrators backed away, but the shabab came forward retaliated with stones. The clashes went on for a while, but when the shabab were about to call it a day, the soldiers decided they want more, so they crossed the fence and initiated another round of gas-oppression and stone-resistance.

David Reeb:
Haitham Katib:


The Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity coalition (Just(ice) Jerusalem - The AAtW are part of) expand the scope...

Solidarity with Taibeh by just Jerusalem

On Friday, 29 October, a delegation of representatives from the Taibeh Popular Committee joined us for the Sheikh Jarrah weekly demonstration. The delegation’s visit was another step towards building Jewish-Arab solidarity in Taibeh.

During the demonstration, Dr Zoheir Tibi said:

Taibeh is with you in your struggle for justice against dispossession, the demolition of homes, land expropriation! We are with you here to express solidarity. We are with you here also to say thank you for the Solidarity Delegation’s visit to Taibeh. It was an important visit for us. It was an encouraging boost for continuing our struggle against all the injustices perpetrated against us.

Clip from the demonstration:

Taibeh is the third largest Arab town in Israel, with more than 35,000 residents. It has 6,709 housing units, comprises 18,554 dunams, of which a built up area of 4,735 dunams. 98% of land under the town’s jurisdiction was, until recently, in private hands. Over the past few years more and more of this land has been expropriated for “National Projects” such as the construction of Highway 6, a gas pipeline, a quarry, all of which encroach upon and compress the space available to the town’s Arab citizens.

The laws of separation and racism now being advanced in the Knesset by Netanyahu and Barak, Lieberman and Yishai, along with the discrimination and a sense of being under threat that is already felt among a million of this country’s population, combine to cast doubt on their very citizenship.

Faced with this reality we will work, Jews and Arabs together, to show that the real project is building partnership.

On Saturday 13 November 2010 we will go to Taibeh on a solidarity tour and form a joint protest chain with the town’s residents.

Just as in Sheikh Jarrah, our politics are formed on the street, where the injustice occurs, a place where we can learn, expose and correct the reality that discriminates between us. Together, we declare: where there is racism there is no loyalty. And we are not loyal to Lieberman.

Join us before more homes are demolished, before more racist laws are passed, and before the drizzle becomes a flood.

Projected timetable:

Arrival and tour 14:00-16:00

Protest 16:00-17:30

Buses will leave from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Sharon area.


Still the struggle continue and Monday demo at noon a vigil in front of the municipality building

Sheikh Jarrah

Wednesday, regular weekly meeting of Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah activists.

The demonstration was the last of a year of Friday afternoon persistent struggle. Like many of the demos of last months it started with a march from the ancient city to the center of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. There people from Tel Aviv and noon demos in villages against the separation fence were already converging.

After a while, the few hundreds demonstrators marched through the new Um Haroun neighborhood to be evicted soon, to the main street that pass between the occupied east Jerusalem to the part of the city within the 1948 borders.

Few police officers warned us that the march is an illegal demonstration... but no one paid attention to them and they did nothing to enforce that claim.

demo videos:

Beit Omar

Beit Jalla

Al Ma'sara

Nabi Saleh

Al Khalil Hebron


Three Israelis joined the ranks of the residents of Ni'lin and a number of Norwegian visitors in Ni'lin's weekly protest. the march that set off from the village's olive groves led to the route of the wall, where some of the village youth threw stones over the wall, and others chanted and wrote graffiti on the concrete. the soldiers fired tear gas, and tried to cross the barrier and chase the protesters, but the combined forces of several of the shabbab impeded their progress. the protesters thus managed to return to

the route of the barrier, and disbanded on their own accord. No injuries were recorded.


Wad Rahhal

Another joint olive picking in the village grooves located in area infested by colonialist settlers.


A critical peace march in Al-Walaja Noon Friday, 5 November 2010. The local committee invites all activists to this critical event coming only 3 days before a key Israeli supreme court session that will rule about the wall that is being built to strangulate the village. Attending the march on Friday will help in drawing media attention to the now critical situation in this village. The local committee also asks people to attend the court on Monday starting at 9 AM. This is a critical period and the local committee calls on making this peaceful march the largest ever to send a message: no to ethnic cleansing, no to separating villagers from their land. For more information call A. or S.



Israeli who disrupted PM's speech: We were raised on human rights,7340,L-3981697,00.html

Youngster who heckled Netanyahu during GA address in New Orleans says US Jews distancing themselves from community due to 'expectation of blind loyalty to Israel'

"When I got up to disrupt the prime minister's speech, he was speaking of the de-legitimization of Israel, and I yelled out that I am an Israeli and that it is the occupation, the Gaza blockade and the loyalty oath which delegitimize Israel," said Matan Cohen, one of five protestors who heckled Benjamin Netanyahu during his keynote address to the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly in New Orleans on Monday.
"We (protestors) decided every five-six minutes one of us would get up and yell. We were detained and later transferred to the custody of the Secret Service," he told Ynet.
Cohen is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that works to achieve a "lasting peace that recognizes the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination."
Cohen, 21, was one of the founders of Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli group supporting the Palestinian campaign against the construction of the West Bank security barrier. Four years ago, he was injured from a rubber bullet fired by security forces during an anti-fence rally in the West Bank.
He is currently enrolled at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, which became the first of any college or university in the US to divest from companies due to their involvement in the "Israeli occupation of Palestine."
"Israel's actions are the cause of its deteriorating status in the international community," Cohen said. "Many young Jewish Americans are distancing themselves from the community, which expects their blind loyalty to Israel.
"Netanyahu was expecting a supportive audience, but as Jews and Israelis we will not remain silent. An entire community that was raised on human rights will not turn a blind eye."
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