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Palestine-Israel, Just another week of joint struggles of the AAtW and the wider Israeli radicals circle with Palestinian activists.

Jerusalem is still in the focus of struggle because the transfer efforts there are increasing lately. The joint struggle in the Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah occupied neighborhoods contributed to the building of a wider circle of activists - including liberal and left Zionists who regard the new wave of transfer efforts as both despised and endangering the previous gains of Zionist settler colonialist project. The joining of grass root Palestinian activists plus direct action and mild confronting of state forces - the mode developed by the AAtW is adopted by the new initiative. It is self labeled "The Sheikh Jarrah initiative" but it is involved in more and more struggles - both in Jerusalem and within the 1948 borders of Israel. Beit Ula is another village just joined lately to the string of Beit Ummar, Beit Jallah, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Nabi Saleh, Ni'ilin, Wad Rahal, and Wallaje.
Beit Ommar

"I want to add that its extremely pivotal right now for more people to come to the weekly protest in Bait Ommar."

Demo of 23/10

Join the people of Beit Ommar in their weekly protest against the illegal Karmei Tsur settlement. This week the residents of Beit Ommar celebrated the release from Israeli prison of two village youth, Yousef Abu Hashem and ‘Amer Abu Maria, both of whom were held for over 4 months by Israeli military court. An additional 13 people, aged 15-28, have been arrested in the last month, all relating to the demonstrations being held weekly in Beit Ommar against settlement expansion. They include Popular Committee member Eyad ‘Alami, who was placed in administrative detention, 5 youth arrested during the demonstrations by undercover soldiers on October 9 and October 23, and a series of youth arrested from their homes in the middle of the night. We are calling on Israeli and international activists to join the people of Beit Ommar in their weekly demonstration in order to deter further arrests and military violence.


This Friday about 25 internationals and 15 Israelis joined the Palestinian demonstration in Bil'in against the occupation, land grab and the oppression of popular resistance. The demonstrators marched to the gate while some shabab expressed their dismay at the soldiers along the northern stretch of the fence. Even while the procession was still on its way, the soldiers started bombarding the shabab with gas.

As the group moved peaceful towards the site of the wall, they chanted to free Palestinian political prisoners. Demonstrators carrying the Palestinian flag crossed through the opened gate to the route of the fence to confront the awaiting soldiers with the simple question, "What are you doing here?"

When the soldiers tired of the presence of people demanding access to the agricultural lands belonging to Bil'in farmers, they began firing tear gas. The hot gas canister ignited fires in the dry olive orchards, which residents hurried to extinguish to protect the trees from damage.
Since the wind blew in the demonstrators' face, it was very difficult to stay together.

For a while it was possible for the exceptionally handful of sturdy and gas-tolerant women and men to avoid the gas, while most demonstrators had to retreat, watching from behind the shabab who tried to stone the gas away.
Eventually it became too much, and the rest of demonstrators too had to retreat to the village.

Bil'in video

Beit Ula

"there will be another demonstration in beit Ula tomorrow. please call
me if you can come."

It seems Beit Ula is another village that will join the on going nonviolent joint struggle of Palestinian villages - grass root communities.

South Hebron Mountain

Arresting activists during action

Jerusalem - Al Kuds

Jerusalem Mayor Disrupted & Protest over Silwan.

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat was scheduled to give a speech on Tuesday October 26th at the opening of an art gallery in the city. Israeli activists from the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement were on-hand to protest Barkat's policies towards Palestinians living in Jerusalem.,7340,L-3975487,00.html

OECD tourism conference in Jerusalem

"There are a number of activities gating Organized Against the OECD conference that begins this week. More activists are needed. Please contact if you Want to participate N."

Banner drop against OECD tourism conference on the monumental Strings Bridge on the entrance to Jerusalem - videos at:

Sheikh Jarrah: following the courts' ruling to evict Oum Haroun

A guided tour in the site that's in threat of eviction according to court's ruling. Crowd chanting, accompanied by the drummer-activist group.

Evictions in Um Harun neighborhood

"We need your help to stop the evictions of Um Harun. Please Sign up to receive direct action calls.

The residents of the Um Harun neighborhood, located in Sheikh Jarrah, are under threat of expulsion from their homes. In the last several years a group of settlers have been making efforts to evict the Palestinian residents of the area and take over their houses. The settlers claim ownership to the land based on documents from the Otmanian period, and as of late the court has acknowledged this claim. On the other hand, the court does not acknowledge the Palestinian residents' ownership of the land from which they were expelled in the 48' war.

Apart from the legal discrimination and the deep human injustice which will be caused, the settlement of East Jerusalem jeopardizes any possibility of a future agreement with the Palestinians. Moreover, the entrance of the settlers into these neighborhoods has a devastating effect on the lives of the Palestinians residents.

We are determined to stand together with the residents of Um Harun at this difficult time and will attempt to stop the eviction. This requires as many activists as possible who will arrive at the neighborhood in case of an attempted eviction.

To get a real-time notice of the attempted eviction please send an email
include your name and (cellular) number.

Friday demonstration included mass tour of the hundreds of participants into the Um Harun neighborhood bordering on the location of the usual demo.

Al Ma'asara

Israeli Army Arrests Nonviolent Demonstrator in Al-Ma'asara
In a peaceful demonstration attended by Palestinians, Israelis and international activists in the Palestinian village of Al-Ma'asara in the West Bank, the Israeli army advanced on the demonstrators without being provoked, arrested one protester and then proceeded to throw grenades and tear gas at the demonstrators

About 15 Israelis and 10 internationals joined 30 Palestinians for the weekly demonstration against the separation fence, the robbery of lands, and the suppression of Ma'asara. The demonstrators demanded the state forces to refrain from blocking their way to their land in that day of celebration... but were denied. The soldiers replied with sound and gas grenades - pushing the people back for a while. The demonstrators regrouped and advanced again, protesting the assault on a peaceful demonstration. The demonstrators' singing and speeches was carried for a while till the state forces attacked again throwing grenades on the retreating demonstrators. One Israeli of the AAtW was snatched and released only hours later.

Nabi Saleh


Olive Picking

This week too, Anarchists Against The Wall (AAtW) activists joined with other Israelis the Palestinian villages who are hard to get to olive grooves near colonialist settlement for olive picking work.

Umm Al-Fahem

A Palestinian town within 1948 Israeli border:

"The extreme naZionist Baruch Marzel and his thugs will be demonstrating
this Wednesday, 27.10.10 in Um Elfahm!!"

AAtW activists joined other out of Umm Al-Fahem town to confront them and the state forces who accompanied them for "protection".
Violent clashes have broken out between Palestinian-Israelis and Israeli police in response to a demonstration by members of a right-wing Jewish group in the town of Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel. Israeli police fired tear gas...

Anarchists Against The Wall (AAtW) have joined Palestinian villagers in a joint popular struggle which has been a potent tool in the hands of Palestinians and a focus of much of the solidarity movement. This struggle has remained steadfast for over 7 years and continues to be one of the most effective ways to resist Israel's construction of the wall and settlements.

AAtW are in the midst of a fund raising tour in North America. There efforts are invested in education, propaganda and raising funds. Our main expenses are the payment for legal defense for hundreds of Palestinians and Israeli activists who are arrested and put on trial for their part in the resistance in our joint direct actions and because of them.

For details about tour locations and dates please see
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