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Palestine-Israel, So many locations of joint struggle frequently bring about an anniversary - this week one year for the Sheikh Jarrah struggle

Beit Ommar & Saffa

The demonstration in Beit Ommar will be at 9 AM this week in Saffa (not near Karmei Tsur) (Saffa Accompaniment is Canceled this Thursday)
The change in plans comes on the heals of increased military repression as soldiers refuse farmers access to their land and arrest international accompaniers.
Farmers in the Saffa valley were prevented by the Israeli military from working on their land Tuesday morning. Ali Ahmed Thalj Aady and Hani Nimr Aady went out with their families to work on their land at 8 am, when they were stopped by a group of Israeli soldiers. The soldiers prevented them from working on the land, and detained them in the sun without water for 5 hours. The farmers were told that the land is “unregistered,” and that if they return they will be arrested.
The incident came on the heels of the arrest of 6 international activists this past Sunday as they accompanied farmers to their land in Saffa. The internationals were also told that they were on unregistered land, and were threatened with arrest if they returned.
We are calling all international and Israeli supporters to join the people of Saffa as they refuse annexation and demand access to their land!
To learn more about Saffa go to

5 left wing anarchists, including one Israeli, were arrested over suspicions that they set fire to fields owned by members of the Bat Ayin settlement in Gush Etzion. The suspects were arrested by IDF forces and were handed over to the police for processing.


As it was Arafat day, Palestinians out of the village joined the dozen Israelis, about 3 dozen internationals and the people of the village for the Friday noon demo. At the head of the march was a car with sound system to enhance the chants. Marchers carried placards, pictures and balloons with the Palestinian colors. Half the way to the old separation fence to be soon replaced by the new one - as ordered long long ago by the Israeli supreme court of "justice", we converged at the side of the road to hear a speech by a dignitary guest.

When it ended we resume marching but not for long. The state forces started to shoot on us a shower of tear gas hundreds of meters from the fence - may be they were angered by colored balloons flying a banner high above them.

As there was no friendly wind, the clouds of tear gas had driven most of us back to the village. However, the shabbab continued their usual confrontation... but the soldiers changed their usual tactics and chased the shabbab into the village.

Some confrontations but mostly the tear gas grenades they threw stinged them and they left hastily.

As usual, most of the Israelis continued to the Sheikh Jarah Friday afternoon demonstration.

Haithm Katib video at

As the efforts of the Israeli state to put end to the struggle of Bil'in people against the separation fence escalate again, their main tactic this time is the frequent invasion of the village. They found it more political harmful to harass the international visitors. They found that the harassing and efforts to block the Israelis of the anarchists against the wall from joining the Bil'iners just contribute to expand our joint struggle to additional villages.

So, the new strategy is to escalate the pressure on the activists of Bil'in itself:
"Israeli occupation forces raid the village of Bil'in for the second time during the ten hours at seven thirty in the evening. [The first invasion was at the last stage of this Friday noon demonstration.] The Israeli army forces raided the village of Bil'in with five jeeps at seven and a half pm of Friday 11/12/2010 with firing tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets, inside housing, towards people, then they attacked a coffee shop in the village owned by Tarek Mohamed Tawfiq, where they detained more than twenty young
man. For a while, they have interrogated people and asked about Ashraf al-Khatib. Then the people of the village came to the area and forced them to leave the coffee shop. From there they moved on and attacked the house of Haitham al-Khatib who is a cameraman for Betselem. They assaulted him and his wife. they invasion and clashes continued for an hour till they left the village.
Note:- that this raids is the seventh in four days"

Ma'asara 12.11

Nabi Saleh

Nabi Saleh demonstration against the creeping annexation of its lands by the Halamish settlement was held this Friday in commemoration of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Many West Bank Palestinians attempted to attend the demonstration but were attacked and blocked by the Israeli army, which surrounded and closed all entrances to the village from 6AM till the afternoon, after the demonstration has started. Due to the immediate attack by the army, the demonstrators had to resort to sporadic attempts to ward off or stand against the army incursion. The army used the high-velocity increased-range tear gas canisters that are harder to trace and have been proved lethal and too dangerous. Shooting of the regular canisters directly at protesters - which is also dangerous and goes against the army own regulations - was very common. The army often did not allow protesters to leave the village's populated area, thereby collectively punishing the entire village's population, using sound bombs, rubber-coated bullets, and a tear gas canisters cannon, called by the village residents "the 64", for its launching of many canisters at the same time.

Friday 12.11.2010 video of protests at An Nabi Salih and Ni'ilin at:


A larger than usual group of demonstrators, including a group of five women from Jenin, gathered for Ni'lin's weekly protest in the village's olive groves, marking the sixth anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat. the protesters marched down to the wall, where the crowd chanted slogans and hung a banner on the wall. youths from the village and elsewhere threw stones over the wall and soldiers responded with tear gas grenades. Later on, a couple of demonstrators managed to cut a section of the fence, including the electronic wiring and cables, right under the noses of the soldiers guarding it. All protesters then dispersed, no injuries were recorded.

Pictures at:

Sheikh Jarrah

On November 12, approximately 400 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marked one year of Friday afternoon protests in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Demonstrators were met by Israeli soldiers and police, but a group of few dozens succeeded to enter the street of the original invaders the police make extra efforts each Friday to prevent us from entering.


A tour and a joint demonstration by the Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah (the AAtW are part of) on Saturday the 13th, within the 1948 border and discrimination, against strangulation of the hoses building options.

Hundreds of Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity activists came to the Arab-Israeli city of Taybeh for a solidarity tour and demonstration. The residents of Taybeh suffer greatly from house demolitions and land confiscations as a result of Israeli discriminatory policies. The activists along with Taybeh residents proceeded to hold a demonstration on the main road near the city.

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