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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle "holding the breath" towards the expected September upheavals

Just another week of activities of the Joint struggle against the separation fence and occupation. The immanent disaster the naZionist state leaders expect to occur after September find its expression in the escalation of the brutality of the attacks on the Palestinians and the activists that join them. Gradually, the persistent struggle of the small village Nabi Saleh get more and more attention of the media. Both Beit Omar and Nabi Saleh where the struggle is against the progressive encroachment of neighboring colonial settlement and progressive robbery of the villages lands get harsher repression of the Israeli state forces. The activists of the anarchists against the wall initiative are proud to be part of these struggles.


Beit Ummar

Nakba day demonstration.

21 MAY 2011 Soldiers Threaten Mass Arrests of Beit Ommar Students

In the early morning of Saturday, May 21st, Israeli soldiers approached Beit Ommar residences near the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur, delivering a message that village university students would be arrested en mass unless demonstrations against Karmei Tsur were halted. University students are now entering a week of final exams, and cannot afford to miss school. At the behest of the students, the Popular Committee agreed to temporarily suspend demonstrations until the end of exams next week.

During the final exams period of 2010, Israeli soldiers conducted unprompted, mass arrests of village university students. Hundreds of students were held without charge through the entirety of their exam period, then released. This unjust and illegal policy of collective punishment is commonplace throughout the West Bank, and is sadly effective at crippling the academic efforts of students living under the Occupation.


Today in the weekly march in Bil'in organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall with the participation of Sa'di Tameezi, the Palestinian ambassador to Vietnam, two young men were injured, and dozens of people suffered from the effects of tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers. Dozens of Palestinians were joined by international and Israeli activists, commemorating the martyrs who fell in the demonstrations held on the anniversary of the Nakba last week. The march began in the center of the village after Friday prayers. In the area above the wall, demonstrators raised the Palestinian flag, as well as banners inscribed with the names of villages destroyed in 1948 and pictures of the imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. Participants chanted nationalist slogans in favor of the right of return (the return of refugees to the land from which they were expelled).

At the eastern gate of the wall, Israeli soldiers fired a shower of tear gas;; they also sprayed 'stink' water, water treated with a chemical that gives it a foul smell that can't be removed from people's clothes. Among those injured were Ibrahim Bornat, 28, who was hit by a tear gas canister in the abdomen, and 22-year-old Mohammed Suleiman Bornat, who, after severe choking and vomiting caused by tear gas, had to be treated by ambulance crews.

The soldiers also fired tear gas into the olive groves, with the purpose of setting fire to them. Fortunately, the people of Bil'in were able to put out the fire. This demonstration took place the day after Obama's speech on the Middle East. Our response to that speech is: Obama is not the God who will decide our fate, and we are not depending on him. Through the popular struggle we will achieve our goals: freedom, return and the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Haithm Katib (In 0:24-0:26/2:40 marching down the road in a cloud of year gas)

Friday 20/05/2011
Two young men wounded in addition to dozens of cases of choking gas in Bil'in weekly demonstration
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23-5-11 - this morning the bulldozers entered the village of Izbat at Tabib and
construction is expected to start any moment now. ISM has a presence there
at the moment, but more activists & internationals are needed.



"Friday 20-5-2011 we met in the center of the village - 30 France activists, ten Israelis, and village people. We than marched towards the exit from the village to the high way. Part of us held the Move Over Aipac placard (held also in the other villages' demos of this week end).
When we neared the high way, the state forces accompanied us and only harassed a Palestinian media photographer.
Afterwards, the soldiers blocked our way and detained some Palestinians, Israelis, and a France person. All were released at the evening on bails and restrictions."

Another take:

Activists: 6 detained at Bethlehem anti-wall rally – in pictures
Israeli forces detained six protesters at a rally Friday in Al-Mas’ara near Bethlehem, activists said.

Soldiers detained local popular committee member Jum’a Yousef Zawahra, 40, committee spokesman Muhammad Hasan Barejieh, 35, Karim Yousef Zawahra, 29, two Israeli activist and a French protester, the committee said.

A delegation of French activists joined Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators to protest the separation wall, and Israel’s plans to build of thousands of new Jewish-only homes in Jerusalem.

Israeli forces declared the area a closed military zone, the committee said, adding that troops attacked Palestinian journalists at the rally.

Nabi Saleh

"Confession:" Elifelet -

Nabi Saleh is the embodiment of the Palestinian Arab Spring
Why is it that Palestinians are the only people in the Middle East seemingly not allowed to throw stones at a military regime which oppresses and controls them? Why are Palestinians branded as violent when they use the same tactics which the Egyptian and Tunisian protesters used during their historic revolutions? This question has been stuck in my mind since Obama’s recent speech on the Middle East.
On Friday, the Palestinian ‘Arab Spring’ was on display in Nabi Saleh. Watch the video. What do we see here? You will notice that the demonstration in Nabi Saleh, a small village west of Ramallah, began with no stones and only chants. The army quickly attacked the demonstrators with tear gas and sound bombs resulting in the outbreak of clashes between stone throwing youth from the village and soldiers. Do these youth have a right to throw stones at an invading army?

In Al Nabi Saleh - Resistance is Existence
The people of Nabi Saleh are fighting for their land 16 members of the village are in prison for taking part in popular resistance the village is completely surrounded by settlements and their land is constantly being stolen. Every Friday the youth men women and children of the village hold a protest against the Israeli occupation and oppression they struggle for their liberty and right to their land which is being stolen by the occupier. these pictures are either from my camera or from Tamimi press on different Fridays in Nabi Saleh

Israel Puterman
David Reeb


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Detain 12 Israeli peace activist and wounding dozens in the process of Nabi Saleh Date: 05/20/2011 Time: 17:53
Detention of foreigners in solidarity
20/05/2011 God WAFA - Israeli occupation forces arrested today, Friday, 12 Israeli peace activist, and injured dozens of cases of severe congestion, as well as other rubber-coated bullets, in the process of Nabi Saleh weekly anti-wall and the settlements.
Participated in the march, which was launched under the title of "solidarity with the prisoners who engaged in a tactical strike for food in the prisons of the occupation 'and a continuation of the events commemorating the Nakba, the people of the village and neighboring villages, and in solidarity foreigners.
The Israeli occupation forces closed the entrances to the village since the early morning hours, to prevent the media and medical personnel and peace activists from entering the village.
The People's Committee against the settlements and the wall in the village, said that 'the soldiers fired volleys of tear gas and bullets directly on the bodies of demonstrators, injuring dozens of cases of asphyxia from inhaling tear gas, as well as others were injured by rubber bullets. "
She stressed that 'what the occupation will pay the Popular Resistance to stop the effectiveness of struggle, and will not intimidate the youngest child in the village of Nabi Saleh, but on the contrary, the practices of Israeli occupation more than determination and Hmok activists and encourage them to continue in their struggle to defend their land and sacred places. "
In a later development, the Israeli occupation forces closed the entrances to the village and declared a closed military zone, and prevented citizens from leaving or entering it, and detained 12 Israeli peace activists were present in the village and beat him, and bribed them with pepper spray.
Eyewitnesses confirmed that Israeli forces stormed the village and occupied two houses, one of the citizen, Yasser al-Tamimi, and the second citizen Faraj al-Tamimi and deposited them into military barracks.

MEDIA: The Jerusalem Post daily
Meeting senseless aggression face-to-face
05/23/2011 23:22

A recent trip to the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh shed a new light on the IDF and its operations.

For months I have been hearing about disproportionate use of force by the army against weekly demonstrations in Nabi Saleh – a small pastoral Palestinian village northwest of Ramallah. Last week, I watched several YouTube videos filmed by activists in the village, providing vivid visual images of the forceful arrests of protesters by the army. I was disturbed because all of the clips showed how the demonstrations ended; none showed how they began. I was convinced that there must have been stone-throwing by the shabab in the village which provoked the violent army responses. So I decided I had to see for myself.
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Ni'lin Town Marks The Nakba Day 20 05 2011

Sheikh Jarrah

Join us on Friday to stand together with the residents of Um Harron and all of Sheikh Jarrah in their struggle against the settler take-over of their homes, and in the ongoing struggle against settlements, racism, oppression and injustice.
Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration 20/5/2011
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