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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in the week of the Nakba

The Nakba day was not just a commemoration day of the 1948 conquest of most of Palestine by the Zionist organization and the transfer of most of the Palestinian inhabitant. It was a week of escalation of the struggle against the 1967 occupation and the 1948 robbery of Palestine and the continuous transfer of its inhabitants. The state forces increased the intensity of repression in the regular weekend locations of joint struggle where the anarchists against the wall join the Palestinian activists - Bil'in, Beit Ommar, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Al-Ma'asara, and the regional one in Qalandia. The Nacba week joint struggle was also expressed Al-Walaja and in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa: both in the Palestinian neighborhood of Jaffa and in center of Tel-Aviv.

Beit Omar


Palestinian and international protesters in Bil'in were joined by some 40 Israelis, who had to bypass blocked roads and cross the steep surrounding hills by foot, to commemorate the Nakba and protest against Israeli violence, random arrests and land theft. The procession was led by a donkey carried cart with Palestinians in traditional garb returning to their homeland from before 1948. Their way to the separation fence was blocked by large concrete slabs and squirts from the infamous skunk. The shabab, who waited for the army to cast the first poop, tried to stone the skunk away, but the army quickly escalated, shooting sound bombs and gas canisters aimed directly at protesters. One Fox News reporter who covered the event was repeatedly corrected by concerned protesters as to his inaccurate interpretation of the situation, and kindly reminded that the tear gas thrown at him was made in the USA.
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13.05.11 Sheikh Jarrah


The weekly demonstration against houses demolishing in Lod, leaded by children and women of Abu-Eyd family, which their houses demolished and they live in the street since December 2010


"For those of you coming to the demo at Qalandia, Please be at the gate of Qalandia refugee camp around 10:00. We need to gather there before the demo."

Activists who usually participate in the Friday demos against the separation fence and occupation in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Nebi Saleh - Palestinian villagers and Israelis, joined the masses of Qalandia

Over 1000 men, women and children marched in Qalandiya Sunday to mark the Nakba. The Israeli military stopped the march using heavy handed crow control measures which resulted in over 100 injured including 20 medium to serious injuries. The demonstration lasted from morning until night with one attempt at upending the eight meter high Qalandiya barrier.

The March 15 youth movement along with various popular committees throughout the West Bank organized a mass demonstration to mark Nakba day at the Qalandiya checkpoint separating Jerusalem and Ramallah. Over 1000 demonstrators including international supporters marched from Ramallah to Jerusalem but were stopped by Israeli soldiers and armed forces. The demonstrators carried keys, the symbol of Palestinian dispossession and wore shirts that said “direct elections of the Palestinian National Council, a vote for every Palestinians everywhere.” The march in Qalandiya took place after a small PA sponsored protest in al Manara square.

As soon as the demonstration got close to the checkpoint, the Israeli army opened tear gas fire from rooftops and from the checkpoint. Scores were injured from tear gas inhalation with some suffering from seizures according to local medical personal on the scene. Despite the attacks, demonstrators regrouped and, for over five hours, attempted to walk peacefully to Jerusalem.

Clashes broke out between stone throwing Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers after the first hour of protest. These clashes resulted in several incursions by Israeli soldiers resulting in the arrest of four arrests of minors. The arrests were made by soldiers with the assistance of undercover Israeli police dressed as protesters. Protesters also attempted to upend on section of the eight meter high concrete wall that comprises the Qalandiay checkpoint. They were not successful.

According to medical staff on the scene, over 100 people were injured from tear gas with scores going into shock or seizure from the highly potent strain of gas that the Israeli army used in the demonstrations. 20 people were transferred to Ramallah hospital with medium to serious wounds including one minor who was shot in the face with a rubber coated bullet. The Israeli army did not report any injuries.
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"I have left my words at Qalandiya refugee camp, between the sirens that wouldn't stop, carrying the dozens that were injured by the live ammunition, but I'm back in one piece, more or less."

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and Israel Puterman

Yesterday's march in Al-Ma'asara was larger than usual, marking Nakba day and joined by activists from Combatants for Peace. The demonstrators were met with the usual violence at the entrance to the village, with tear gas, stun grenades, and two arrested.

The weekly demonstration against the occupation in Al Ma’asara today marked the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba. Several people were injured as a result of Israeli military attacks on the unarmed demonstration which included tear gas and sound grenades. The demonstration was larger than normal as many villages surrounding Bethlehem joins in the commemoration of the Nakba. In the course of the demonstration, soldiers arrested Ahmed Briggih, coordinator of the national committee against the wall along with an Israeli peace activist. They were taken to an unknown destination.


An Nabi Salih

Israeli border police used batons to beat an unarmed demonstrations, among them woman and children, in the village of Nabi Saleh on Friday. The weekly demonstration has experienced increasing military repression in recent weeks. However, yesterday’s demonstration represented a new level in the Israeli army disregard of its own rules of combat.

Soldiers fired tear gas canisters directly at demonstrators from close range. One demonstrator, an Israeli, suffered a broken arm when he was directly hit from a distance of five meters. The ranking military commander in Nabi Saleh refused to allow activists to remove the injured Israeli from the scene, forcing him to hike two kilometers in order to go to hospital. Another demonstrator, an American, was hit on the head when a tear gas canisters was shot directly at him from a distance of 15 meters. Soldiers also threw stun grenades at protesters from very close range.
25 people were injured during the demonstration including three that required hospitalization. The Israeli army prohibits the use of tear gas canisters as large bullets which are shot directly at protesters. Violation of these military rules of combat have resulted in the 2009 death of one protester in Bil’in and the paralyzing of American Tristan Anderson in Nil’in in 2008.
The Israeli military and police's violent and hysteric reaction to the Nakba day demonstrations today is an example to the fact that Israel cannot conceive handling Palestinian civil resistance to the Occupation in any means but military means. As September looms, it seems as if Israel chooses to tread not the path of democracy, but rather that of neighboring regimes like Egypt and Syria, and shoot at unarmed demonstrators.
Yisrael Puterman


David Reeb Ni'ilin Friday 13.5.2011 protest at

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

An emergency vigil of about 150 activists, who responded to a late afternoon call in facebook, converged in the Cinimateque square. We held placards, big banners and chanted.

Radical leftists: Soldiers are killers
In show of support for 'Nakba Day' extreme leftists hold protest in Tel Aviv calling for end to 'killing of innocent civilians.' Right wing activists hold counter protest: You're fifth column

Around 100 extreme leftists are protesting near Tel Aviv's Cinematheque in a show of support for the Palestinian "Nakba Day," "the Just people's uprising", and against "the killing of innocent civilians".
The protestors were carrying Palestinian flags and posters reading "Stop the civilian deaths", "Free Palestine", "the IDF is the most moral terror organization in the world", and "There is no holiness in the occupied city".

Radicals protesting in Tel Aviv (Photo: Yaron Brener)
The radical leftists said they were there to protest against the "killing of innocent civilians protesting against the occupation on the northern border and in the Golan Heights". Some of the female protestors even wore black head scarves to identify with the Palestinian "catastrophe". They are chanting "Barak you killer, the Intifada will be victorious".
A group of right wing activists is holding a counter-protest, waving Israeli flags and calling out "Am Yisrael Chai" (the Israeli nation lives).
They also called out to the radical leftists "you are a fifth column, traitors, you didn't served in the army"
Police arrived at the scene to maintain the peace after a number of vocal clashes broke out between protestors.

Jaffa Nacba day action


Nakba Day 15 May 2011

Hundreds of Al-Walaja villagers joined with internationals and Israelis marched peacefully toward the old Al-Walaja (area cleansed of Palestinians by Israel ...
Dr. Qumsiyeh was still filming as he was arrested today 5/15/2011. He passed on the video to a friend and the link is:

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