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Palestine-Israel, The third intifada is not only a concept, the 10 main locations of the joint struggle are its fore runners.

Channel 2 TV long and serious item exposed the brutality of the state forces, show the heroic involvement of children, youth, women, men and the Israeli anarchists in the struggle of the tinny village of Nabi Saleh. They bring it as the most prominent of the other 10 main locations of joint popular struggles, and conclude that it has already defeated the Israeli propaganda... and started the third Intifada. The approaching September is felt both in the weekly struggles, in the climate of the whole region, and desperate actions.

Beit Umar region

Suseya neighborhood
Internationals, Israelis, Palestinians Join Festival in Suseya

The village of Suseya in the southern West Bank hosted a festival on Saturday, May 28, that drew well over a hundred attendees. Internationals, Israelis, and Palestinians gathered together to celebrate the village’s many proactive programs, especially their language exchanges.

The village offers Arabic courses to Israelis and internationals, as well as language-intensive, guests stayed with village families. The same organization also offers Hebrew courses to Palestinians and internationals, with the aim of increasing constructive interactions between Israelis and Palestinians.

The day was filled with speeches, kite flying, and Palestinian dabkah, as well as appearances by an Israeli samba band and clown troupe.


Two dozens Israelis and a similar numbers of internationals joined the Palestinian in the demo in Bil'in. The protesters marched, chanted, reached the wall, got skunked, and watched the army escalate its repression as kids responded to the attack of tear gas by starting throwing stones to get them out of their lands. Last week the army continued shooting massive amounts of gas, regardless of the actual presence of protesters, in order to start bush fires that endangered the olive trees. This week the demonstrators ended the demo early in order to support the local group in the regional soccer tournament.

Another take:
Today in the weekly march in Bil'in organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall with the participation of US student delegation of American universities, one young men was injured, and dozens of people suffered from the effects of tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers. Dozens of Palestinians were joined by international and Israeli activists, The march began in the center of the village after Friday prayers. In the area above the wall, demonstrators raised the Palestinian flag, and pictures of the imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. Participants chanted slogans in favor of the right of return, and slogans calling for an end the occupation . At the eastern gate of the wall, Israeli soldiers fired a shower of tear gas;; they also sprayed 'stink' water, water treated with a chemical that gives it a foul smell that can't be removed from people's clothes. Among those injured were Ibrahim Bornat, 28, who was hit by a tear gas canister in the eye and shoulder. He had to be treated by ambulance team and then transferred to the medical compound in Ramallah. The soldiers also fired tear gas into the olive groves, with the purpose of setting fire to them. Fortunately, the people of Bil'in were able to put out the fire.

Rani Abdel Fatah Pictures at:
Israel Puterman video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcYNIUNVZ5E

Jordan Valley


"In the Jordan Valley, Palestinians are struggling just to remain on the land as the predatory settlements and occupation authority make everyday life an uphill battle.

The region is on the first priority for annexation by Israel, to separate the Palestinian from Jordanian state.

On 29 May, a group of Palestinians, internationals and Israeli activists joined the Jordan Valley Solidarity Project to help build a school out of mud bricks.

Nearly the entire Jordan Valley is under Israeli control (categorized under Area C). Lacking permission to even build a rainwater collection device, most communities suffer from a constant threat of home demolition. The day of action was about supporting Palestinians in the Jordan Valley to continue their steadfast resistance in the land. The Jordan Valley represents nearly 30% of the West Bank, and therefore is crucial to a future Palestinians state.

We drove through the rain to the beautiful Jordan Valley, made mud-cakes that turned into a school building, lunched with Palestinians, Israeli and international friends, and most impressive of all - didn't get sun-burnt".
Pictures http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150261163561085.370548.734536084


Ras Al-Amud

Friday, The Ma'ale Zeitim settlement is a heavily guarded fortress in the heart of Ras El-Amud Hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian demonstrators gathered in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras El-Amoud, in front of the Ma'ale Zeitim settlement in the heart of the neighborhood, to protest against the inauguration of the settlement which was held earlier during the week, which several government ministers and the mayor of Jerusalem attended. Police was very violent against the peaceful demonstrators, arrested 6 of them, and one demonstrator was badly beaten up and attacked with a Taser. This is the first time that such a device is used by Israeli police against demonstrators.
Media coverage: http://bit.ly/mObLAC (English)

Media: Police, leftists clash in east J'lem
"Some 150 Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity activists block entrance to new Jewish neighborhood built on outskirts of Ras al-Amud in east Jerusalem. Police arrest six, protesters claim 10 injured from violent use of force, stun guns.

During the demonstration, a violent clash erupted between police forces and the protesters, who blocked the entrance to the neighborhood. Police officers responded with use of force and stun guns.
Six protesters were arrested during the incident, and the organizers claimed several activists were injured, one needing medical treatment.

Meanwhile, at another location in the neighborhood, near the mosque, residents hurled stones at a police force. No injuries were reported.
Asaf Sharon from Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity claimed that the police used extremely violent force against the protesters, adding that police officers used stun guns for the first time, although there was no provocation on the part of the protesters."
"We held a protest rally against the settlement two days after the settlers themselves held a mass event, during which they blocked access roads without police intervention," he said.
Sharon noted that one of the injured protesters, who was also arrested by the police, is among the movement's leaders. "We have a total of 10 injured, two of which were wounded by the stun gun," he said, adding that "one of them needed medical treatment."
Israel Puterman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8GjcqCXib8


Also on Friday villagers of al-Ma’sara, in southern West Bank, were joined by Israeli and international supporters and protested against the wall and settlements there. Israeli troops stopped villagers from reaching the construction-side of the wall. Later troops attacked protesters using rifle buts and batons. No injuries or arrests were reported.


Nabi Saleh

One child was injured in the arm, six arrested, and home caught fire on Friday when Israeli troops attacked the weekly protest in the village of al-Nabi Salleh, central West Bank. Israeli troops attacked the villages and their International and Israeli supporters as they gathered after the midday prayers. Ahmad al-Tamimi, 8, was injured in the arm by a tear gas bomb fired by soldiers. Later troops invaded the village and fired tear gas into people homes. One house owned by Abed al Rahman Tamimi caught fire from a tear gas bomb, residents managed to but off the fire; the house sustained damage but the family escaped unharmed.

David Reeb video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOGHTN8USqw
PalestinianYouthVoice have announced via twitter they will be live streaming from Nabi Saleh today. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/palyouthvoice
Channel 2 TV (Hebrew) http://reshet.ynet.co.il/Shows/360/videomarklist,185268/


Ni'lin Town Marks Three Years Of Popular Resistance 27.05.2011.

.... Breaking News: The Israeli occupation soldiers are closing the entrance of Ni'lin Town by making a checkpoint at it to prevent all the people and the internationals and the Israeli peace activists and the media who want to come and join us in our demonstration today....

Israeli and international supporters joined the villagers after the midday prayers and marched up to the gate of the wall marking the fourth year of protests in the village. Soldiers fired tear gas and sound bombs at them. Many were treated for effects of tear gas. Fires started by tear-gas projectiles. The fire destroyed 1 Acer of land planted by olive trees.

See http://awalls.org
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