Saturday, February 28, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Media, Four left-wing* activists detained in Budrus 28/02/04

The police detained four left-wing Israeli activists Friday afternoon during a demonstration of Palestinian and Israelis in the West Bank village of Budrus, where part of the security fence is being constructed. The four were detained for entering an area declared "closed military zone". It is expected that the four would be released with restrictions. Budrus has been the scene of violent clashes between IDF forces and locals and protesters due to the preparations under way for the building of the security fence. Budrus, located near the city of Modi'in and eight kilometers from Ben-Gurion Airport, has become the hub of anti-fence activity over the past few months.

The West Bank security fence runs along the western edge of the village, cutting some farmers off from their land.
* [Ed. Notes: Nationalists on both sides prefer to hide the fact That the Israeli activists involved with the Palestinian vilagers are mostly anarchists of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative]

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