Saturday, February 14, 2004

Palestine-Israel, a demo in Bidu next friday (14/2/04)

Salamat, Next Friday afternoon (20 February) we will hold a joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstration against the Wall in the area of the Bidu and Beit Suriq villages (north-east of Jerusalem, close to Mevasseret Tsion and the settlement of Har Adar). The Wall in this area takes over much agricultural land.

The demonstration will be held at the initiative of and in cooperation with residents of Bidu and Beit Suriq, the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, Ta'ayush and Anarchists against Walls. Additional details available early next week - mark your calendars! For more information and to help in organising the demonstration:


Israel-Palestine, A call from the coalition against the wall* and report on the action 20/02/04

Mohammad A-Sheikh, father of seven children, was suffocated to death this week at Erez checkpoint. His crime was his will to go to work in Israel in order to feed his family. More than 1,000 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Intifada, of whom 26 were killed during the last two weeks.
The Gaza Strip has become a no man's land, where the Israeli army has no limits. How long shall abuse and humiliation prevail? - No more silence! Don't look the other way! Come to disturb the Tel-Aviv routine and indifference Friday, 20/2, at 12:00, at the corner of King George and Sheinkin st. And wee came, and we disturb the Tel-Avivi routine for a while: The Anarchists Against The Wall people who are of the Israeli part of the coalition were the majority of the more than hundred people who came.

After preliminary vigil at Tel-Aviv main intersection (near the open market) half the people moved to a near by pedestrian free and priority cross of the main outlet of busses from the intersection.

it only took few minutes till the main intersection was blocked.... and nearly half an hour passed till the police stopped us from crossing the street...

The main public radio channel reported that 5 of us were arrested.

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