Thursday, February 26, 2004

report on Beit Suriq area struggle against the apartheid wall + TV news update. 26 Feb 2004

Four Palestinians have been killed in the Beit Suriq area near Jerusalem Thursday, after Mohammed Saleh Bedwan, 20, was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers at approximately 3pm, in Biddu.
The shooting occurred in front of international activists, who reported soldiers have been shooting randomly and also targeting ambulances. The Israeli army has said there has been no use of live ammunition and that only rubber-coated metal bullets have been used.
[But we seen it in the TV and the reporter who were ther reported too that there were army snipers on the roof of a building they occupy and we seen how they shoot and hit the two persons killed.I.S.]

Three Palestinians were killed earlier today as soldiers moved in on protestors and stone-throwers demonstrating the construction of the barrier.

Zcharya Mahmoud Id, from Beit Ajza and Mohammed Rian, 30, from Beit Daku, were shot by Israeli soldiers.

Another male reportedly died from a heart attack believed to be caused by tear gas.

Fifty people are reportedly injured, while three protestors have been arrested by plain clothes officers operating within the crowd.

Thursday marks the third day of demonstrations which have escalated in violent clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians. [With intimate participation of Internationals and Israelis (TV said are from the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative). Today about 75 people were injured at the Bidu vilage clashes and others - including Israelis were arested).

Palestinians in the area will lose almost 90% of their land to the barrier, much of which is used for farming.

The Israeli government says the wall is for security, while Palestinians claim it is simply a land grab.

[The Israelis involved call for a militant vigil Friday - same as last week.]

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