Friday, February 13, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Saturday demo - Erez Checkpoint: Transport info to This Saturday, February 14th 2004. 13/02/04

Israeli and International organisations have arranged an EMERGENCY demonstration at Erez checkpoint against massacres in the Gaza Strip. The people of Gaza are very happy about this solidarity. The Gaza Peace Centre and the refugee committees are spreading the word inside Gaza. A bus leaves from Tel Aviv Northern Train Station at 1pm. Please phone Eva on 067 619275 to confirm that you are coming so that the Israelis know how many buses to get.
There should also be transport leaving from the Faisal Hostel in Jerusalem, next to Damascus Gate, at 1pm. Please call IWPS on 09 2516644 or 052 598264 if you want to come from Jerusalem so we know how many taxis to arrange.

The reason for the protest:

We demand the right to be allowed to enter Gaza, and for an immediate end to the massacres being carried out by the Israeli army.

Yesterday, the situation in Gaza reached a peak in its constant oppression. The dead that were left at the end of the day?s massacre are the newest victims of the Israeli slaughter of the Palestinian people.

The situation is so dire that even the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) has been forced to close schools in the Gaza Strip, since they are no longer considered a safe place for the children under the snipers? constant aim.

Yesterday?s massacre, and other Gaza massacres, have been carried out behind the electric fence, just as the West Bank?s Apartheid Wall intends to hide future Israeli massacres of Palestinians. Erez Checkpoint is being used by Israel?s government as an illegitimate veil to hide these crimes, through which no observers are allowed to pass, which leaves the Israeli government free to enforce its occupation away from the eyes of the world.

We oppose the Israeli occupation and the current daily massacres and will not remain silent.

Participants: ISM, Israeli Anarchists against the Wall, and IWPS. All are welcome!

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