Friday, February 27, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Summary of media reports on the activities against the wall 27/02/04

Thursday was a high intensity day of struggle. One reporter who write on the activities tell what the "Israeli leftist activists" (who are really from the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative) say. "From their testimony come that they were not present in Bidu when the first two Palestinian were killed - they came after the killing of Palestinians was reported. In the article he quote Jonathan Polak who saw in his eyes when an army sniper shoot in the head a Palestinian who bent to pick a stone. The reporter give Jonathan opinion that the confrontations in connection with the wall building brought the Palestinian struggle back to the first Intifada mode of mass struggle.

In the next article of the same Haaretz daily, another reporter put the struggle of the last few days in context. He says that it was sporadic and local till the confrontation of 26th of December last year (The second direct action of the Anarchists Against The Wall) in which Gil Naamati was (purposefully hit and) seriously injured by Israeli soldiers (while harming the fence near Budrus). From then on and especially after repeated mass clashes near Budrus succeeded to stop the work on the wall as result of diplomatic presur they initiated, the Palestinian Authority shifted its focus.

(The Reporter miss the fact that the continuous involvement of Israeli people together with the local villagers tipped the scales in both the Israeli public opinion and the international arena. He also miss the fact that the joint Israeli-Internationals-Palestinians direct actions came about after months of less dramatic confrontation and a joint camp in the village of Masha.)

"Never doubt that a small and dedicated group of people can change the world.... by initiating a mass struggle".

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