Friday, September 10, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Nikmat Olalim tour + Slovanian\Italian info tour 10/09/04

Hey friends, please help spreading this msg. thanx. Me.
Antizionist Hardcorepunk storm over europe
Nikmat Olalim ("Toddler's Revenge") is the name of an extremist Jewish organization that set a pipe bomb in an elementary school in Zur Baher, a village in East Jerusalem. This subject doesn't receive much attention in the Israeli public, even though when there are terrorist attacks against Jews you would hear about them for weeks, and the intention is to show ourselves and the world that the Jews are the victims and we're under constant threat. Obviously, bringing up the existence of Jewish terrorism against Arabs damages this image. When this issue is being raised, the Jewish terrorists are presented as crazy extremists, outside the Israeli mainstream. Few make the connection between this illegal act, to the much worse actions carried out by the Israeli Army which are considered legal (at least according to Israeli law), and receive practically full support by the Israeli public. The organization Nikmat Olalim injured 10 schoolchildren and a teacher in Zur Baher. In the past three years, around 20 Palestinians were injured on daily average by the Israeli security forces, and more than 2 were killed every day.
Jewish terrorism is not some extremist or singular , terror is an inseparable part of Israeli society, and it is carried out daily. Nikmat olalim members are Israeli activists in Human\Animal liberation groups like anarchists against walls, OneStruggle , GreenAction and more

these are the dates for the european tour,:

Wed 15.9. Finland, Helsinki, Vuoritalo w/Armageddon Clock and Abduktio
Tthu 16.9. Finland, Turku, TVO w/Armageddon Clock
Fri 17.9. Finland, Helsinki TBA w/Armageddon Clock
Sat 18.9. Finland, Lappeenranta, Husaari w/Armageddon Clock and Watsons
Sun 19.9. TBA
Mon 20.9. TBA
Tue 21.9. TBA
Wed 22.9. TBA
Thu 23.09. Latvia, Riga @ Depo w/ IN.STORA, KRIEGOPFER
Fri 24.09. Latvia, Valmiera
Sun 25.09. Latvia, Kuldiga
Mon 26.09. Lithuania, Vilnius
Tue 27.09. Poland, Grudziadz
Wed 28.09. Poland, Warszawa
Thu 29.09. Poland,Lublin
Fri 30.09. Poland, Krakow @ kawiarnia naukowa w/ Superape X & Eon
Sat 1.10. Poland, Sosnowiec
Sun 2.10 TBA
Mon 3.10 TBA
Tue 4.10 TBA
Wed 5.10. Hungary, Budapest @ MUSIC FACTORY CLUB w/ show your life
Thu 6.10 TBA
Fri 7.10. Austria,Vienna
Sat 8.10. Austria,Graz
Sa/ 9.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Su/ 10.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Mo/ 11.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Tu/ 12.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
We/ 13.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Th/ 14.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Fr/ 15.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Sa/ 16.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Su/ 17.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Mo/ 18.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Tu/ 19.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
We/ 20.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Th/ 21.10. Germany/Switzerland TBA
Fr/ 22.10. Germany, Saarlonis Sa/ 23.10. Germany. Mannheim
Su/ 24.10. Germany TBA
Mo/ 25.10. Germany TBA
Tu/ 26.10. Germany TBA
We/ 27.10. Germany, Siegburg (near Bonn)
Th/ 28.10. Germany, Oberhausen
Fr/ 29.10. Germany TBA
Sa/ 30.10. Germany, Berlin
Su/ 31.10. Germany TBA
Mo/ 1.11. Germany TBA
Tu/ 2.11. Germany TBA
We/ 3.11. Germany TBA

A lot of dates are not closed (TBA) but in the following days there will be more updates, you can check it on the band Website at and also get some music and ideas about them..
if you think you can help the band with anything (some shows had been canceled after the organizers found out that the band speak against the idea of zionism so if you can help setting shows in Germany/Switzerland/sweden/lituania please contact ) or just wanna say you like\hate them - catch them at



Yet another Infotour in Slovenia\Italy..

Lili, an israeli activist, will speak+show movies from the nonviolence resistance of israelis and palestinians against the israeli apartheid wall, these are the dates, you can catch her at

> 21 Gorizia(slovenia)
> 22 Lubiana (Slovenia)
> 24 - 9 Carrara
> 25/26-9 Carrara (no lecture but the congress/meeting of the italian anarchist federation)
> 27-9 Napoli
> 28 Cosenza
> 29 Palermo
october 1-10 Bologna
> 2 Reggio Emilia
> 3 Rimini
> 4 Imola
> 5 Trieste
> 6 Pordenone
> 7 Milano
> 8 Torino
> 9 Cuneo
> 11 Savona
> 12 Pisa
> 13 Volterra


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