Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Palestine-Israel, Media, The daily truggle against the WALL continue - in Budrus - 21/09/04

Seven demonstrators and four soldiers and jandarms were injured. Three Israelis demonstrators were detained. The direct action at Budrus resumed when the works for building the WALL was resumed. Participated in the confrontation Budrus about 100 vilagers and some Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall who arrived inspite of the general strike in Israel, blocked the buldosers.
The back grownd is the sneaking effort to resume building on the village fields in spite the governpent decision to change the route following the international presure.

Agreement between representative of the vilagers and the occupation buoerecracy was arrived to that temporarily the work on the vilage fiels will be suspended. As a reveange, when the demonstrators started to disperse, The jandarms and soldiers assoulted them with ruber coated bullets and tear gas grenades.

The reporter presented Jonathan Polak as member of the "Anarchists Against The Wall{" and quoted his claim that the army enterd the vilage, fired shock and tear grenades even to the school premises.
See also the call for international solidarity day of anarchists all over the world on October 22 (en) Greece, Crete, Proposal for an international day of solidarity to the Palestinian struggle http://www.ainfos.ca/04/aug/ainfos00059.html

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