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Palestine-Israel, Photographs, wall construction stopped at sikka/beit awwa 19/9/04

Today, the people of beit awwa were successful in stopping the construction of the wall on their lands. work was halted for about 2 hours and two were injured.
photoes credit AP and AFP The march left beit awwa 100 strong. Palestinians, internationals and israelis*.
men women and children. They were intercepted by IDF infantry which tried to stop the march at gun point. an officer informed indymedia that "this is for your protection i don't want you to be hurt by the heavy machinery" It must also have been out of concern that the soldiers used stun grenades and tear gas to try to stop the march.

Undeterred, the march continued to the work site near sikka where the crowed of demonstrators grew to about 200. When the demonstrators reached the work site, the worked stopped and did not resume for about 1 hour.

Confrontation with the army and border police() developed whenthey attempted to arrest people. In the end no arrests were made but several palestinians were injured. One injury was medium. An israeli women was also injured by the plastic casing of a stun grenade exploded near her.

After some of the demonstrators went back work resumed briefly but was topped again when demonstrators placed themselves in front of the bulldozers.

After about 45 minutes of blocking the bulldozers large forces of civilian police and riot police arrived at which point the demonstrators decided to retreat rather than risk more injury and arrests.
The lack of arrest and more serious injury leaves the demonstrators in a good position to intensify the resistance to the construction of the wall in the area.

* Edotor note: Media claimed it was Israeli Anarchists Against Against The Wall
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