Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Tel-Aviv, Activist/Anarchist against the wall general meeting 01/09/04

U., k. and R. are calling for a general meeting that will be held on: Monday 6th of September at 19:00 At the offices of the Hienrich Boll foundation.
24 Nahalet Binyamin st. (03 5167734/5) On the agenda:
1. communication between the different activist
2. relationships
3. legal matters
4. activity report and summer summary
5. future plans
6. budget and money matters
7. website
8. international relationships
9. letting of steam in a civilized matter

everybody's attendance is needed. You who receive this message please make sure that all who should know knows.

Please bring snacks and cold and booze potluck

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