Saturday, September 25, 2004

Palestine-Israel, More on the action at Awwa - Thursday 24th September in my experience By Anarchis Against The Wall 25/09/04

Yesterday there was a big rally/party for the five refusers that got out of jail after two years. They where also released for good from the army. It was a really happy event with lots of performers and important people from around the world and Israel congratulating them for there release, people where dancing and there was great music but for me it was hard to enjoy the event.
I arrived to the event straight from the police station in Hebron after being arrested most of the day. The day started at five in the morning, we traveled to Biet Awwa a Palestinian village south west of Hebron. A lot of the land of the village is being destroyed and stolen for the building of the fence/wall.
We held a big march and started to walk towards the bulldozers. We where around one thousand people with included around 600 young girls in school inform.

Before we got close to the working site of tear gas was shot at us. I like many I was hit by it right away and we retreated a bit. By that point of course the shabab started to throw stones, many of the Palestinian organizers tried to stop the stone throwing so we could continue with the non-violent march but chaos brook out and then the soldiers started shooting rubber bullets (steel bullets covered with rubber to be exact). At this point the situation was getting really violent and both the shabab and the border police where out of control. A couple of Israelis and internationals including myself decided to walk forward and to try to speak the soldiers and police men. It was quiet scary but with the bullets flying by our ears but we managed to get close and yell at them that they are crazy and that they are shooting at unarmed people, at woman and young girls. It surprisingly worked for a few minutes and they put down there guns and also the stone throwing stopped. Then before I understood what was going on the soldiers charge at us and I was grabbed and arrested. I was taken to the jeeps handcuffed and sat in the sun for around five hours. It was very frustrating because I could not see what was going on but I heard gun shots and chanting, was choking on waves of tear gas and kept on seeing the soldiers coming back to the jeeps for more and more ammunition and tear gas. In the afternoon the soldiers managed to push the demonstrators back into the village and by then in was pretty much over. Over 100 people where hurt and over thirty people got hit by rubber covered bullets many in the upper part of there body. Myself and another Israeli anarchist was taken to the Hebron police station, where interrogated and yelled at but was basically treated nice.

Finally at around 7pm we where released on bail and signing that we will not go to the area for the next two weeks. We quickly traveled to Tel-Aviv to catch the end of the refusers rally.

I don’t know if charges will be filed, but I don’t think so. Anyway a video activist filmed me being arrested and it shows that I did not resist arrest and that I was just trying to talk to the soldiers and did not through any stones (something the interrogator claimed that I did) so I'm pretty much covered.

An anarchist against the Wall

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