Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Israel-Palestine, Jerusalem, The kids of Bil'in village demonstrated in front of the Israeli supreme court 15 Jun

Tuesday 14.6.05 morning, a bit after 09:00, a bus parked in front of the building of the Israeli supreme court in Jerusalem. From the buss came out about 50 girls and boys from the village Bil'in, who came to demonstrate against the robbery of the lands of the village for the building of the apartheid wall/fence. The kinds (who do not need a military permit to entered the 1948 borders of israel - the pre 1967 ones) were escorted by two adults from the village, part of the very few who have a permit to pass through the plethora of road blocks within the palestinian areas and between them and Israel. The kids demo was while the judges were dealing with the village people contest of the building of the wall/fence on their lands. They were joined by anarchists and international activists, that sang, placards... and functioned also as baby-sitters for the youngest.

After two hours of peaceful presence at the location, with no problems, a bunch of policemen arrived with the demand to put away the Palestinian flags held by the kids. Their "original" excuse to that insolent demand was: to protect the security of the demonstrators....

The adults escort who came with the kids from the village, were afraid from development of confrontation between the kids and the policemen and preferred to bow their heads and to try the flags from the kids, who were not quick to yield. An internationalist activist who was present there and was wrapped with a Palestinian flag, refused the order to take it off, was arrested and taken to the police station. Only few hours later he was released with out conditions.

The demonstration was ended peacefully after about 3 hours. The village kids used the opportunity of a visit in Jerusalem - Al Kuds, to a quick visit at the Al Aksa mosque (At the mount temple).

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