Monday, June 27, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Imneizil & Bil'in, The joint struggle against the apartheid wall continued on Monday June 27th

The ruthless repression of the Israely state forces are restrained when Israeli activists are participating in the non violent actions against the apartheid fence which robe Palestinian lands. It is well known they have two specific sets of orders about which means of dispersing to use: i.e. what kind of amunition to use and whether to use live amunition or not, the Imneizil people invited the Anarchists Against The Wall (AATW) to join them. The Monday 27th demo was not the first act of struggle against the wall. It was however one of the most successfull. On Monday, villagers from Imneizil in South Hebron district (who was not reinforced that day by people of the AATW initiative as they were blocked by the Israeli army) brought the Occupation bulldozers to a halt.

Palestinian flags adorned the bulldozers which have razed 400 dunums of land here in the last week as villagers took back their confiscated land. Two Palestinians were injured as the Occupation Forces spent several hours pushing and beating demonstrators back.

Protestors assembled in the afternoon from the small village of Imneizil in South Hebron and marched to the hills and the worksite of the Occupation Forces and their machinery.
Villagers blocked the path of the bulldozers bringing their work to a standstill. Demonstrators rejoiced as they mounted the bulldozers and took back their land which has been confiscated for the Apartheid Wall and the expansion of the settlements.

Occupation Forces beat villagers forcing them back into the village where they will be ghettoized by the Apartheid Wall. There were two injuries as the Occupation deployed its standard violence and brutality.

So far around 400 dunums of fertile land has been destroyed and several hundred trees uprooted for the Apartheid Wall. Farmland containing grape, olive and almond trees - and which yielded the life source for the village - has been destroyed. The Wall will isolate land that is expected to be annexed into the nearby settlement of Metzadot Yehuda, immediately to the south of the village. One of the village's main water wells will also be isolated behind the Wall.

Water shortages are becoming an increasingly dire problem in Hebron district as the Wall's route has been planned to isolate many of the local natural water resources. A settler bypass road is also under construction, parallel to the Wall, which will pass just 15 metres from the village school. Located between the Apartheid Wall and settler roads, villages across Palestine are being turned into disparate and miserable ghettos, cut off from land and life.

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================= BIL'IN ===================

Bil'in, the joint struggle of the villagers continue, togather with the Israli anarchists and the wider coalition against the wall/fence. The struggle in Bil'in continues with determination and creativity. Every week for the past few months the people of Bil'in have demonstrated against the construction of the wall and the expansion of settlements on their confiscated lands.

During these months the people of Bil'in have become the symbol of non-violent resistance in Palestine; incorporating into they actions an extensive repertoire of creative elements in accordance to their commitment to direct action. Every week the people of Bil'in invented new and creative ways that included placards, art effects and communicates of political and humanist messages.

The suppression of the army try to deny the human nature of the Palestinians but the they succeed to counter act this and keep their humanity and dignity.

Last week, a segment of the fence - closest to the Bil'in - was cut by a group of young people from the village. There is a real danger that the military will retaliate against this action with severe force, using collective punishment against the local residents. This, according to the high rank commander Tsahy Segev who admitted to Miron Rapoport of Haaretz daily when he revealed to him his mode of opperation in Bil'in

In light of these developments -the presence of Israelis is needed more than ever to support this inspiring struggle.

This Friday there will be another demo in the village. All of you are most welcome.

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