Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tel-Aviv, Refusing to serve the occupation* - press announcement 21 Jun 2005

Activists of the "letter of the shminists" [twelfth graders] demonstrated near the villa of the chief of army staff Dan Haluts lighting candles in the memory of the victims of the occupation: "refusing to be war criminals". About 50 activists of the "letter of the sminists" [signed by more than 250 twelfth graders supposed to be drafted this Summer] and other activist of the left** demonstrated in a garden near the villa in protest of the slaughter of Palestinian children by Haluts. The twelfth graders stressed they will refuse to take part in the war crime called occupation. They shouted: "Not Shooting, Not Crying, Refusing To Be Occupiers", and "Haluts Haluts Do Not Worry, We Will See You In The Hague".

In addition, the demonstrators lighted hundreds of candles in the memory of the victims of both sides who died because of the blood circle. They said: "since the beginning of the occupation died more than twenty thousands Israelis and Palestinians. The price is awful, and the only way to stop the blood chain is to stop the occupation. The occupation is a war crime and we will not take part in it".

Among the demonstrators were the conscientious refusenics Alex Kun and Eyal Barami that will be arrested the next day for a fourth term in jail for refusing to be recruited to the occupation army and will join Wisam Kablan and Misha Hadar who are already in the military prison.

For additional information:
Omri Evron
Aviv Sela

shministim (at) gmail.com * http://www.shministim.org
** Among them activist of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative, people of the coalition against the wall, and people of previous years twelfth graders refusenics who served more than two years jail time.

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