Friday, June 10, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Salfit, another joint* front against the apartheid wall/fence - eight wounded and three arrested 10 Jun

Thursday at Salfit. In a demonstration against the building of the apartheid wall, 8 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli army attack. Two Israelis and one international activist were arrested. That morning, hundreds of inhabitants of Salfit marched in demonstration against the building of the apartheid wall on their agricultural lands. The demonstration, to which joined international and anarchist activists, marched from the center of Salfit. However, before they succeeded to reach the lands on which the construction work is done, the Israeli occupation forces attacked the demonstration with tear gas and shock grenades and rubber coated bullets.

Tens were hurt by the the army attack. Five were hurt seriously from tear gas and three more were brutally hit when the army pretend they want to arrest them, but were let go after one of them lost consciousness and the other two needed medical treatment.

Two Israelis were arrested during the demonstration on the charge of entering closed military zone. The international activists which documented the army attack was arrested too and her camera was confiscated.

The arrested were taken to Ariel settlement town police station to stay there the night and be brought next morning to court.
* The escalation of the resistance along the route of the apartheid wall/fence worry the Israeli occupation authorities. They are especially bothered by the presence of the Israelis in the demos as it force them to use milder methods of suppression. The usual routine is to use rubber coated bullets only when the Israelis are not present.

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