Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the joint demo with the invalids and the injured by the Israei forces 08 Jun

The inhabitants of the village Bil'in expected a quiet protest demonstration of invalids and injured victims of attacks of the Israeli forces. However, already at the fringe of the village the army attacked us with tear gas and detained 3 of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative and four of the villagers. They also threatened that any move towards the route of the fence in building will result with a curfew on the village. The invalids and injured demonstration - among them 10 in wheel chairs and few blind people, planned by the village as response to the injury to a soldier eye in the demo of last Friday. The aim was to counter the demonization of the villagers. The participation in the demonstration was small - less than 100. Part of it because it was in the morning of a middle of the week day. Part because at the preceding night the army "visited" 40 houses and threatened people not to demonstrate.

When the army started to shower us with tear gas some of the invalids fainted. The rest of the people retreated a bit, and the youngsters responded - as usual after the army dispersed nonviolent demonstration, with stones. As a result, instead of nonviolent demo they dispersed violently they got a long protracted battle with the youngsters.

After few hours passed, the 4 detained Palestinian villagers were released, and the 3 Israelis were taken to Givat Zeev police station and released at 17:00 on bail with commitment not to come near the Bil'in fence route for 10 days.

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