Sunday, July 10, 2005

Israel, Tel Aviv, Anarchist are not only Against The Wall - screening on the beach yesterday 10 Jul

Yesterday, Saturday night, after the joint demonstration of the anti occupation/fence coalition called by others the same day in front of the war compound, in which members of the anarchist against the wall were prominent, about 70-80 of us screened videos from the g8 demos, and our own activities in Palestine. It was organized during 10 days work, and happened on the narrow beach - near the promenade, the other side of and US embassy. We had some friction with four vans of the police who were afraid of direct action against the US embassy. Threatened us with "illegal assembly" and arrests... calmed only when we moved to the beach.

A comrade report:
"We had some technical difficulties but once solved the screening went well. A lot of people stopped by and watched. I think it's a good way to bring more people into the activities, and also show what's going on in the world, but not so much on tv.

The whole thing was pretty easy to set up. The equipment we used, in case anyone wants to do it again, was a projector, a generator, speakers, an amplifier, and a 3x7 meters fabric, working as a screen. All of it is available from people in the group, or other groups with similar ideas and ideology. E."

The Tel Aviv promenade at Summer month Saturday evenings is a kind of bazaar.

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