Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Palestain-Israel, M'nazil, Bil'in, the joint struggle continue even when the anarchists are blocked 06 Jul

Five were arrested in the demonstration against the separation at M'nazil. The popular protest and struggle against the apartheid fence spread to the south of Hebron mountains region - and with it the violent suppression by the army. 5 were arrested in M'nazil Wednesday, after demonstrators mounted on a bulldozer and disturbed the works. This time, again, declaring the region as military closed area, state forces succeeded to prevent the people of the anarchists against the wall initiative from arriving.
However, the people of the tinny village with international activists did it. The small village, adjacent to the Beit-Yatir colonial settlement and to the updated and "more humanist" route of the fence is isolated from other Palestinian villages.

In spite problems, the demonstration did happened, with the participation of few international peace activists - this report is based of report of one of them. During the demonstration the people got hold of the bulldozer who climbed on it and held high flags on it. Though demonstrators did no violent act, the army used excessive violence when dispersing them. The army force arrested Abu-Hatem - one of the main activists and the contact person for the Israelis. The other demonstrators tried to de-arrest him by sitting in front of one of the army vehicles... which resulted with more arrests adding to 5 - who were taken to the police station of Kiriat-Arba - the colonial settlement at the margin of Hebron.

"Celebrating" one year since the hague wall decision by international court by Kobi Snit

July 9th is the one year anniversary of the decision of the Permanent Court of International Justice at the Hague which ruled that “Construction of the wall and its associated regime are contrary to international law.”
Almost year later, the Israeli supreme court is about to issue a fundamental decision in which it will respond to the Hague decision (Ha'aretz 5-7-05). While the court was taking its time, construction of the wall has gone causing irreversible damage. While the court might not be relied on to consider the rights of Palestinians it is quite sensitive to its own image abroad. Consequently, there is a chance that the court will issue a useful decision. At issue are planned the segments of the wall around Ariel Immanuel and Karnei Shomron. Most strikingly, the state has recently admitted in the case of the village of Azune that the construction of the wall is based on other than just security concerns. Given this admission, if the court is to be consistent with its ruling from last year it will have to rule many more segments of the wall illegal.
This is a critical time for Israelis to demonstrate against the wall. To resist Shron's attempt to draw attention away from construction in the west bank during the disengagement. To support the courageous Palestinian non violent resistance and to pressure the supreme court.

Join the people of Bil'in this Friday at 11 am. Buses leave from Tel Aviv central train station, El-Al terminal at 9:00.
Please Call Mijal Greenberg to reserve a spot on the bus from Tel Aviv (before thursday at 9 pm!) and for details about transportation from Jerusalem.

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