Thursday, July 21, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Seven activists arrested in a middle of the week early morning action 21 Jul

The army come to guard the rote of the fence in building only when work day start. This enable early morning actions involving special metal structures that prevent quick dispersal by the Israeli state forces - see pictures at. Seven were arrested in Wednesday morning demonstration against the fence. It is already five months that the struggle of the people of Bil'in against the expansion of the Israeli settlements Kiryat Sefer and Matityahu on their lands, and against the building of the separation fence on the lands they work on. 2.3 million square meter of their 4 million (1000 acres) arable land were confiscated. The Israeli state forces - army, gendarmes and police continue all that period to suppress the nonviolent demonstrations of the villagers [to whom join regularly international activists, Israelis of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative and others] Suppression done with lot of means at demonstrations and in other times at other day and nights hours in the village in response to demonstrations and other actions.

Prolonged arrest times of villagers activists with absurd claims are the norm. Three of them are arrested these days with clearly fictitious claims.

At demonstrations, in addition to physical harassment the Israeli state forces add shooting of massive amounts of tear gas and shock grenades, and various kinds of "rubber bullets".

Wednesday morning people of the village went out to one of the midweek early morning protest activities with a special metal structure welded for this demonstration. Within it "fortified" themselves one Palestinian, four internationals, and two Israelis of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative.

Muhamad Hatib, from the organizers of the village people committee: "The joint fortification was intended to symbolize the fact that fences an walls will not succeed to prevent the joint activity for peace. We added the flags of the various Palestinian parties in order to call all the parties to stop the internal confrontations and to invest the energy in the struggle against the occupation and the fence".

The metal construction with was placed on the fence works route at 05:00 wit 7 activists in it. When the bulldozers arrived at 06:00 they were prevented from continuing the destruction of the lands of Bil'in. Only after an hour the forces of the border police succeeded to dismantle the construction, and using violence arrested all those fortifying in it with bogus claim of "assaulting policeman". The included pictures show clearly the nonviolent mode of the protest. Original of L.P. in Hebrew was enlarged a bit....

Addition: The Police blame the arrested with assault on policeman. They claim that while fortified in the metal structure, the demonstrators kicked the belies of the border police gendarmes who came to take them away. If you look at the pictures you will see how absurd is this claim - as the whole bodies of the 7 demonstrators is within the structure - fact that prevent them from kicking outside it even if they wanted. [So said the Judge the two Israelis were brought before him...]

The officer on duty at Givat Ze'ev police station wanted to release the four internationals on condition they will not return to the "scene of crime", the Israelis were brought before a judge, the decision about the treatment of the Palestinians was delayed... And the internationals refused to sign the releasing papers commitments of distancing them till the the release of the Palestinian activist.

The two Israelis:
"So, we were brought before a judge that after looking at the pictures gave a verdict of one month of ban from the route of the fence at Bil'in for participation in a forbidden assembly. As for the assault on policemen he wrote: "It can be seen clearly that it was the the border policemen that applied force against the defendants.... In the case before us there are substantial doubts as for the assault on policeman and interference in policeman activity...".

At the time of the report:
The Palestinian was transferred to the Ofer concentration camp for Palestinians. The four internationals got 15 days ban from visiting the route of the fence in Bil'in, but they still have not decided if to sign the commitment as they may stay put in solidarity with the Palestinian comrade.

In numbers:
6 at the morning, 7 arrested (4 internationals, 2 Israelis, 1 Palestinian), about 20 state hooligans with batons, lot of bruises (faces, backs, and other places), 12 hours of detention and 30 days ban from the location (for the Israelis)... and one occupation.

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