Thursday, July 14, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Immatin, Joint demonstration against the fence suppressed violently 14 Jul

The village Immatin is another front of struggle against the separation fence. This Thursday, the Israeli army suppressed viciously a joint demonstration of Palestinians, internationals, Israeli anarchists and others. This morning 300 people started a march from Immatin situated between Imanuel and Kdumim in protest of the separation fence that intend to annex to Israel the colonial settlements of Imanuel and Kdumim which are situated about 15 kilometers from the 1948/67 green line border. After marching of only 100 meters - still about 3 kilometers from the route of the fence, the army blocked the people with a huge amount of tear gas. They ordered loudly the demonstrators to retreat.... though even those who wanted to could not because of the tear gas.

Rubber bullets were added to the tear gas including shooting on on palestinian ambulance. At the first wave there were injured 16 three of them were hit by tear gas grenades and canisters.

Later, the number of injured climbed to 31 - including an Israeli female activist who were hit in the leg and taken by the Palestinian ambulance to an hospital in Khalkilia, and press agency AP photographer who was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and was treated at the site.

Three Israelis were arrested and taken to the Kdumim police station and will probably accused in breaking of an army general about closed zone.. or just for illegal assembly.

Few hours after the dispersing of the demonstration, the army invaded the village with few battle cars, patrolling the village and shooting rubber bullets and tear gas canisters, beating Palestinians, threatening with live ammunition. The army forces even invaded to the girls school.

The tree Israelis will probably stay for the night in the Ariel police station.

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