Saturday, July 9, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Persecution of demonstrators against the wall/fence continue - solidarity is needed 09 Jul

Last Friday was a joint demonstration against the fence in the village Mas'ha. Already at the beginning of the demonstration the participants (about 400 Palestinians and 50 Israelis according to Media) stumbled on barbed wire spool which was put across the road few hundreds meters of the fence route. In front of the barbed wire stood tens of soldiers and border police personal with batons ready. Part of the demonstrators passed the barbed wire and advanced towards the fence. They got in return beaten with the batons and 4 of them were arrested - including an international female activist, who was injured and taken to hospital. Two of the others were accused of entering the occupied territories in spite of the command of the general commanding the region and was banned from entering the whole region. One member of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative (Kobi Snits) was beaten by a baton and was accused with assault of a policeman thus was held for the night in the Ariel police station and will be brought in front of a judge (at Rishon Letzion) at the end of Saturday.

The false accusation of demonstrators are part of the frantic efforts of the Israeli authorities to block the joint struggle of Israelis and Palestinians which put strict limit on the measures of repression they can apply when Israelis are participating.

Part of this efforts can be seen in the cases of the prominent activists like Jonathan Polak and Ezra Nawi who were banned from entering the whole of the occupied territories for a month.

Presence in court of people who can when Kobi will be brought before the judge will be both a worthy protest and have an influencing effect on the decision of the judge.

Every one who can come to the court house is invited to phone
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