Monday, February 6, 2006

Palestin-Israel, Invitation to a conference in Bilin 06 Feb 2006

The joint struggle and the nonviolent struggle against the wall and the occupation. an international conference in Bil'ín, Palestine, Monday Tuesday Feb 20-21 2006. This conference will bring together people who support the popular non violent Palestinian movement to take part in workshops about the history and methods of non violent resistance in Palestine. It will focus on the practical aspects of the struggle by sharing the experiences and lessons of such struggles at different locations in Palestine. The organizers are inviting Palestinians, Israelis and internationals to the conference which will be held on February 20 and 21 at the public school in the village of Bilín. The meeting will consist of a few opening presentations which will lead into workshops focusing on the the struggles at different locations. The workshops are the main part of the meeting and are where the experiences of activists will be shared and new ideas will be proposed and discussed. The focus of the discussion will be practical and the workshops should lead to a joint action being initiated by the participants in the conference.

To register please email the Bilín popular committee against the wall and the settlements.
or call Yuval
or Muhamad

More details will follow soon in the conference program. ' Sponsoring organizations (partial list)
BIlín popular committee against the wall and the settlements,
Anarchists against the wall,
Gush Shalom,
Coalition of women for peace,
Alternative Information center.
Rabbis for human rights.

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