Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in-Jerusalem, The joint struggle against the separation fence hearing at the highest court of "justice". 01 Feb 2006

Wednesday morning, about 30 Israeli activists of the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall initiative took a bus the highest court of Israeli "justice" in Jerusalem, for the hearing of the petition of Bil'in villagers against the separation fence that is used to rob most of their land. On the way, we passed near Bil'in and joined by 20 Palestinian activists from the village Bil'in - we usually meet every Friday demonstration against the fence, who got special permit to enter to day the occupying Israel.
When we arrived at the entrance road to the court building we found there local activist and others and put up banners and placard against the robbery of lands using the separation fence, in a short vigil till the time of the hearing. When the announced time of the hearing arrived, we put down the placards and banners, but the security personal and police restricted our entrance. The last of us allowed in only just when the other hearing finished and the hearing of Bil'in petition started.
After a long hearing of the case of Bil'in the three judges said they need to ponder about it and will announce few days later if they put a temporary stay on the continuance of the building of the fence till the final verdict.

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