Friday, February 24, 2006

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence continue in Bil'in, Abud, Beit-Sira 24-02-06

Because Bil'in is in the focus of media, the demonstration there was very peaceful - even more than ever. Half hearted efforts of state forces could not prevent the Israelis from arriving to the demo in Bil'in or the other villages. In Bil'in we started the march march at noon with about 100 people - 70 Palestinians, about 15 Israelis organized by the anarchists against the wall initiative, and about 15 internationals. We took the road to the less visited section of the fence where the armed forces of Israel were not expecting us. When we came near the fence route about 50 of us rushed to the fence - a minute before the running soldiers who had to come fast from the usual place we meet every Friday... Taking advantage of an Eastern wind that blew towards the state forces, we ignited many cars tiers taken from a garbage dump the heavy smoke was added to the tiredness of the soldiers.

What ever the reason, the state forces just kept us from entering the fence route, and let us bang as much as we wanted on the rails of the fence bordering the route.

After a while, we marched and banged along the route to the usual place where there is a gate and passages to the other side of the fence. There we had a low intensity confrontation with the state forces till ending the demo.

Even the traditional confrontation between the soldiers tear gas and the stone thrower youngsters was very mild: three tear gas canisters with no pursuit and no much more from the stone throwers.

In Abud and Beit-Sira the story was entirely different.

In Abud the demonstration march was of about 100 villagers and 10 Israelis and internationals. At about one kilometer from the point the works on the separation fence are done, civilian guards blocked the demo with live ammunition shooting... to whom joined very soon the state forces who did the same with the edition of tear gas and shock grenades. However, till the end of the demo there was not reported on any injury.

The inflammation occurred in Beit-Sira.

The struggle in Beit-Sira intensified last two weeks, with not just Friday demo. Yesterday, a stormy demo resulted with the injury of few Palestinians and the arrest of two Israelis. A short report of a comrade said:

"Item about the demo in Beit Sira tonight on Channel 1 (of public TV) will be broadcast on mabat (main news program), starting at 21:00. the palestinians who were wounded from rubber bullets are back home from the hospital. jonathan and kobi who got arrested were released..."

Today - Friday noon, in parallel to the demos in Bil'in and Abud, another demonstration was in Beit-Sira. About 300 people - among them 10 Israelis and internationals. Along the march to the route of the fence, state forces in cars "accompanied" the demo. People from the demo tried to block these cars which resulted with harsh response of the state forces.

When the march arrived near its destination, the state forces made a line the demo people confronted. rough pushes as the first step. Shock and tear gas grenades from one side and stones from the other. And escalation to shower of rubber bullets causing lot of damage. About 6 Palestinians and one Israeli were rushed to treatment in hospitals.

A note sent by a comrade:
"hi everybody, in case you're not updated i thought its important we'll all know: In Beit-Sira demo today Matan hakatan was shot by robber bullet both in the leg and in his eye.. At the moment he is still in the hospital and its not clear yet how bad is the damage.
The repression today included gas and rubber bullets, around 14 injured from rubber bullets and of course much more from the gas...."

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